Prayers for all TTC mothers


Congratulations @Yeleyemi, it will surely circle round for all of us in Jesus name. I’m so so excited to read this. Our God is faithful. You shall carry to term and no evil eyes shall behold you IJN. Welcome to motherhood darl.


Congrats @Yeleyemi I am using you as a point of contact, God will manifest for us too IJN as you has done for you, he will visit ever1 too here. amen




Amen mamas it shall be good news for us all.
I love this family of God


Awww, God is good. congrats, we too shall celebrate a BFP before this year ends by the grace of God. Amen


Amen IJN


Wooooow, thank God :musical_score:only you can do what no man can do Jehovah :musical_score:welcome to pregnancy hood, I pray for all awaiting moms too will celebrate this month IJN.Amen.Also @Yeleyemi please you have to reduce stress from now on also register for antenatal ASAP,take your supplements and eat healthy.


Yaay,thank God ooooh my God is a miracle worker, congrats dear, am tapping into your testimony,i believe this month shall not pass us by, God will answer every one of us here,Amen


Congrats dear, we can’t thank him enough, what he says he will do, he will do. Biko take enuf rest OK, our prayers always with you and all our expectant mummies.


Congrats dear


@Yeleyemi you shall carry to full term, oluwa may you also do it for us all.


Amen In Jesus name
Thank you all for the goodly wishes, am honoured MA’s.


Good evening everyone thanks for all the measages its really encouraging,im sure going to partake in the fasting tomorrow…im currently in the united states different time zones but God is the same everywhere.May God answer us all this year in jesus name,amen.


Amen,that’s good dear. God is omnipresent


Amen, God is in this place and he hears our cries. Imagine we have 2 bfps already this week? Baba God pls pick up the call and answer our calls of fruitfulness oo.


Good morning to all our fruitful mothers, I trust our day is going well.
We thank God for what he is doing in our midst here and what is yet to do, we all shall celebrate with BFPs that we shall carry to term before this year ends in Jesus name.

In our last hangout we talked about having a prayer meet up at least once a month to put our case before God, this is a new month and it is an opportunity for us to plan for one and I want us all to participate in it. Prayers refreshes and gives us more guidance and assurance that God never fails, it is also our way of reminding Him of His promises. So the question now is WHERE DO WE MEET for the prayer meet up. We should be looking at an hour, so we all get to do other stuff. Please we need suggestions , everyone has a say please. It’s an open conversation and will really love to hear your feedback.


Wowww! welcome dear, I’m really happy other mothers are joining. We shall carry to term and God will bring more mothers to join us IJN.




Oluwa will hear our cry and bless us all, @ThefruitfulWife we can all do it from our various home, business place, work place, we just post the prayer point, time, date for the prayer and fasting, then everyone participate. Don’t know if am making any sense?


You are definitely making sense dear @RedWine, let’s wait for other mommas to contribute. Unity of faith is all that we need. Thanks mama