Prayers for all TTC mothers


I agree too, becos getting evry1 togeday can be difficult, just saying


Is ok, we all are waiting.




Mamas good evening, I trust we all had a good day. Please let’s plan for our fasting and prayer for tomorrow. You can break your fast anytime from 12pm. May we be strengthened as we pray for our family, all that we desire let’s raise our voices to Him and God will definitely hear us. Love you all :kissing_heart:


May God give us the strength to carry on to the fasting and prayers.


Yes oo, amen.




Thank you father for today, you have been so faithful to us even in our unfaithfulness, we acknowledge you as our Lord and Savior. We thank you for testimonies abound, you are not man, that you can lie, what you said you will do, that’s what you will do, thank you most especially for meeting the desires of our hearts individually, we give you praise. Imeela baba…


It shall be permanent x2
What the Lord has done for us
It shall be permanent

Almighty father, the God who is not limited by our inadequacies, the one to whom all flesh shall bow, the Elshaddai!, our provider, our redeemer, our comforter, our restorer, our helper, the giver of life, our healer, our help in ages past, our rock, our succour, the lifter of our head, our sufficiency, the omnipotent God, the invisible God, the God that is greater than the greatest, the unchangeable changer, the first and the last, the lion of the trib eof Judea, our keeper, the mighty man in battle, the God that reigns in the affairs of men, our deliverer, our refuge, the ancient of days. God we can not praise you enough for who you are and what you’ve been in our lives.

O Lord, we lift our voices unto you God the author and finisher of our faith and we ask that you continue to be all that we have praised you to be and above over our lives, families and affairs. We seek your face that you renew our faith in you and give us the grace to continue to have faith that all we have called you to be in our lives, you shall be and exceed it. You know all our heart desires and we know in faith that you have answered us. Thank you Jesus for everything in Jesus name, Amen.




Heavenly father,we thank thee for today,we thank thee for making us see another day to pour our heart to our heavenly father,we ask thee oh lord to bless our family,provide all our needs,grant us our heart desires and good health,fight our battles oh lord and deliver us totally from all evils,preserve our lives and strengthen us in jesus name.Amen


My father and my helper, please show us your unmerited favour, mercy and grace. Let your protection be upon us, be our shield and provider of all our needs. Help our families grow in your wisdom , knowledge and guidance. Even in our journey of GTC let our assurance stand sure in you as we believe you have done as we have confessed with our mouths in Jesus name. Amen




I am that I am, King of kings, greater than the greatest, great provider, great healer, only you can do what no man can do, you are the one that can answer our prayers. Heal, deliver, destroy every form of delay in conception, you that did it for Sarah, Hannah, Elizabeth, Rachel, and many other women in the Bible you are still the same God. Answer all the questions in our heart and grant us all our heart desires, give us a testimony that will the whole world rejoice with us and our families. Amen




Amen ijn




Hello mamas, tomorrow is our fasting and prayer day , please let’s plan towards it and speak into our lives and God will touch us with his hands, :pray:




The I am that I am, the Almighty and merciful God. We now before your throne this morning to acknowledge your supremacy and majesty. You are not limited by our limitations, neither are you moved by our ways because your ways are not our ways, your thoughts are not our thoughts. The heavens alone is not enough to contain your presence. We speak unto our lives this morning because you said in your word in Job 22:28 that we shall decree a thing and it shall be established. Therefore we speak life, fruitfulness, abundance, breakthroughs, promotions, favor, grace, open doors, divine establishment, good health, safe pregnancy, divine conception, supernatural childbirth, mercy, blessings, success, greatness, provision, enlargement, wisdom, divine speed, creative ideas, and all the other good things that pertains and life and godliness into our lives, families, careers, businesses, endeavors and our affairs. We decree that even as we declare daily that “I am pregnant, God has done it”, Lord you will bring into to pass accordingly as we have desired. For as many that desire singles and multiples, boys and girls O Lord you will hear from your throne and show us mercy. We desire your touch and we know from this moment henceforth our lips shall be filled with testimonies in Jesus name. All we do shall prosper and we shall have peace round about us in Jesus name, Amen. Thank you Jesus because we know it is done in the name of Jesus we have prayed, amen.

Sisters please add your own prayers too and God will surprise us. Amen