Prayers for all TTC mothers


Jesus,Jesus,Jesus,how wonderful you are,lion of the tribe of judah how wonderful you are,your name is yaweh,miracle working God, olowogbogboro,Rose of sharon, mighty God,excellent father,arabaribiti, aribirabata,wonderful father,merciful God, oranmonishe fayati, arugbo ojo,the ancient of days,the rock of ages,the same yesterday,today and forever,lilly of the valley,i worship you God.I love you father from the bottom of my heart.Thank you lord because as i worship you today my case is settled IJN.AMEN.


Amen and Amen to all the prayers


I pray for safe delivery, we shall all carry to term, we shall not cast our young and we shall deliver safely IJN, God bless look upon our other mamas and give them this joy that will bring smiles and new songs into their mouth. Turn their name around and bless their wombs with great children. Amen




Prayer and fasting today mamas ooo


God will be gracious to us on every side in this new month. Any where we and our household turn to in the four corners of the earth, God’s grace will speak on our behalf. This month we will not walk alone, the spirit of God will walk and work with us. As soon as we call God on any matter, graciously He will answer you in Jesus name. Isaiah 30:19-21. The 11th hour miracle shall locate us this month. We shall experience unexpected favour and open doors in this new month. God Himself will surprise us and cause the land to yield its increase unto us through this month and the rest of our days. Rom 6:14, 2 Cor 12:19, 1 Cor 15:10, Isa 40:31



it doesn’t matter how rough it has been for us this year, I trust you God that it will still end well with our heart desires. Grace will facilitate your restoration and crown this year with His goodness and mercy. As our names are different so are our heart desires, father pls visit us according to your tender mercies and smile upon us this month with your grace. Amen




Thanks you Lord for today, for your grace is sufficient for us, you are God of heaven and earth, meet us in our points of need. Take all glory, thank you for today’s fast oh Lord, let ur love continue to rest upon each family represented here. Amen






Faithful God oh faithful God only you deserve the glory faithful God.


Amen thank u Jesus


Thank you Lord for yet another opportunity for life, thank you for Grace to carry on, help us to know you more and do your will, we r indeed grateful because our quiver is fool of children, cos that’s ur promise to us, thank you in a special way for the blessing our wombs, you r the great physician, do that which no man is capable of doing, Lord 2017 isn’t over yet, we ask for the 11th hour blessing, pls continually bless the works of our partners, for you said our going out and coming in is blessed, help them not to deviate from your side even in this trying times, we also remember as many of our mums that are pregnant and in the waiting rooms to bring in our little angels, Lord see them true, nothing will cast their young, they will carry to term and deliver to your glory. As many that is in the hospital believing you for a second chance pls father heal them, our ever faithful father, we remember the less priveledged ones, be their guardian oh Lord, thank you for victory over barrenness, thank you for victory over poverty, you said this is the confidence we have in you, that if we ask, you hear us, we believe you’ve heard us. Thank you Father…


Heavenly father, the one that hears when we call, the one who is able and ready to help us. We seek your face again today for healing in our hearts, grace to conceive and strength to live each other hoping in faith that our joy will not elude us in Jesus christ name. Please bless our husbands, keep them in your will, guide their hearts and help them to have your fear at all times. Help our marriage through this storm and let your love continually dwell in our homes. We commit our pregnant sisters too unto you, Lord these ones shall not cast their young, their children shall surround their tables, they shall bring forth perfect and healthy babies. their shall experience supernatural child birth. Lord Jesus please nurture the little creations inside them and those manifesting in us the awaiting mothers and continue to cover our womb with the blood of Jesus. Have your way and do that which only you can do in Jesus name. amen


Amen. God bless our lives according to your mercy and shower us with miracles .


I pray that every weight, challenge and burden that has caused us sleepless nights is removed. The Lord will unburden everything that is distorting our happiness, and sort us out for good. We will no longer wet our pillow with tears and frustrations ; we will rest in the peace of God as he settles us in Jesus name. Good morning and wish us a fruitful week . Shalom




Amen… @ThefruitfulWife have a fruitful week dear


You too darling. Thanks.

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