Prayers for all TTC mothers


:joy::joy::joy: … BTW what date are we looking at? So that I can block the date.


I was hoping we all can agree on a date my dear. When do u have in mind?


15th Dec isn’t bad, what do u guys think, let’s start d plagn already


Today is another day for our fasting and prayer mamas. Let’s prophesy what we want before this year ends to God in prayers. There’s not impossible for him to do.


Thank you Lord for yet another opportunity of life. You are God all by yourself, no man can speak when you have not spoken, your word does not come back null nor void, thank you Abba father for these precious ones you are moulding in us, you are no man that you can lie, you said we will be fruitful in all that we do, that our children shall surround our table, we will 'OT cast our young, the number of our days will be fulfilled, thank you for strength today, thank you for our husbands, Lord they will continually come top among their peers/ colleagues, pls bless the works of their hands. We commit the remaining part of 2017 in your care, and we decree that 11th hour blessing upon each family represented here, non of us or family members will die untimely, we permanently shut the eyes of devourers in our midst. 2018 we look forward to seeing you in sound health, abundant blessings and testimonies. Thank you God for prayers answered. Amen


The omnipotent and ever loving father, I prophesy increase, favor, blessings, fruitfullness, mercy, abundance, provision, abundant grace, open doors, miracles, enlargment, greatness, your presence, jaw breaking breakthroughs and unmerited favor in all our lives, marriages, families, businesses, jobs and endeavours. May we never lack, may our barns be continually full, may we not labor in vain, may we celebrate before this year ends, may our receive a new song from God and may God continue to bless our homes, let His peace reign and above all Lord, we want more of you and your presence will forever be with us. Guide our hearts O lord and pls give us peace on all sides that we may continually have confidence in u. These and many more we pray and we know it is done. Amen.


With a heart full of gratitude, we come before your throne of grace O Lord. We bring our supplications unto you because we know only you can fight for us. Only you can give us the joy that non can give, only you can give us peace round about us, only you can settle us and make us prosperous and fruitful. Father it is the 11th month of the year and we are trusting that you will change our story. We prophesy increase in our marriage, favour where we have been rejected, mercy where we have been scorned, fame where we have been put to shame, open doors where we have been denied, abundance wherever we have lacked, We decree life unto every dead situation in our lives and marriage, we decree surplus where we have begged, strength where we are weak, unbelievable miracles where we have doubted you. O lord, your mercy endureth for ever, God let your mercy speak on our behalf, let your grace distinguish us and make us outstanding. Let our desires become testimonies, let our sorrows be transformed into jubilation. According to your word, no good thing will you withold from those that love you. Please let all the good things that pertains to life and goodliness be ours to the glory of your name. For in Jesus name we have prayed. AMEN.




In Jesus Name, Amen…




Amen and Amen


Amen and ameeeeen


Amen in Jesus name.






Ammmmmmmeeeeeen to all our prayers


Amen and Amen


Sisters today is our fasting and prayers, I hope we are praying along. Let’s not forget to add our prayers here. God bless us all.


Our rock and sufficiency, the one in whom there is no variableness or any doubt. Please remember us and show us your mercy. Let us see your hand in our lives and family. Give us strength to persevere in you, help our unbelief and take lack away from us. Please bless all our efforts, provide and keep our husbands, our jobs and business. We also commit the pregnant sisters unto your hands, please keep them safe, keep their babies safe. None shall cast their young among them, they shall not lose any good thing as a result of this pregnancy. father please keep them strong and cause every evil plan against them and the rest of us null and void. These and many more we pray for in Jesus name. Amen.


Yaweeh you name is Yaweeh , you are a miracle working God your name is Yaweeh… A miracle working God , your name is Yaweeh.

And so our Lord and God we come before your throne of grace, we bow before you in acknowledgement of all the things you provided for us even when we don’t deserve them , thank you for life, for the gift of fruitfulness, from January till date you remain the same, you are unchangeable, you are arugbo Ojo, you are God all by yourself, we are grateful because we are wonderful and fearfully made, so therefore we will conceive and bear fruit to term.

Bless our husbands, bless the works of their hand, instill love and unity in our homes, help us to continually toll your path, and never to deviate from it. We cast out from our homes every devourer spirit, spirit of anger, spirit of misunderstanding, spirit of unfaithfulness, endless quarrel, lack of understanding. May your teachings constantly be a reminder in our hearts.

Ebube dike receive all our thanksgiving and supplications of our heart, even as the year comes to an end, Lord, your love and blessings hasn’t come to end, put laughter in our faces, as many of us pregnant, they will carry to term, nothing will harm them, this is our decree, for you said whatever is bind on earth, is bind in heaven. Thank you Lord.