Prayers for all TTC mothers


Praise God for another day. May God today release to you the spirit of excellence and success in Jesus name. May the rain of prosperity fall on you today and be clothed with the spirit of excellence in Jesus name. God will give you strength to be made perfect in your areas of weakness.
HE will give you victory over every adversary in the midst of every prevailing circumstance in Jesus name. God will arise and have mercy on you. God’s glory will shine and be seen in every aspect of your life in Jesus name. I pray that every gate of your life will be lifted so that the King of Glory will usher in an era of Glory into your life in Jesus Mighty name Amen.

You will progressively move from one season of laughter and miracles to another. The light of God will bring clarity in every area of your life that seemed to lack form and you will see who you are supposed to become and God shall manifest in your lives in 2018 in Jesus name. Amen






The Lord will release His Grace and Mercy upon you. Your wounds shall be healed, your tears shall be wiped away, and your stolen blessings shall be restored in multiple folds in the name of Jesus. God will shower you and embrace you with His goodness, mercy, favour and joy this day and always in Jesus Mighty name. Amen
Beloved. …three things will distinguish you this year. …
1.You will encounter the favour of God on a daily basis,
2. Secondly, you will be too hot for the enemy to handle and
3. Your miracle this year will break all known protocols. So shall it be in Jesus name.
Have a fruitful weekend




Gooodday. Please is there any online prayer meeting group going on. I want to join to stir my faith for my conception asap. Thank you kindly.


Dear @Testimony, apologies for my delayed response. What we normally do is fasting and prayers every Wednesday, we post our prayers and everyone breaks anytime from 12pm. But the response has not been encouraging. Some still do it but too shy to post their prayers. It will be great if we can revive it and stir our faiths more.


I decree and declare, that all Angels that have been assigned to change our lives and our stories to divine testimonies, shall appear in the name of Jesus. I decree a speedy answer to our prayers, I decree tye opening of our wombs, I decree divine conception, I decree none shall cast her young, I decree an uncommon miracle that will defy the doctors prediction. You my reproductive organs and hormones, receive life and begin to function as you should. I decree this week that I shall share my testimonies. We revive all weak cervix and speed to all immotile sperm cells. I am conceiving because it is my right and I lay hold on God’s word in Exo 23:26 (There will be no miscarriages or infertility in your land, and I will give you long, full lives.). Please add yours and pray along with faith. God answers prayers


Amen and Amen




Angel of favour and mercy shall go ahead of you. Hand of God shall take You from where you are To where You must be in life in the mighty name of Jesus. Power that stopped Saul on his way to Damascus shall stop those that vow to destroy you by all means in the mighty name of Jesus. I pray for you this morning that, every arrows planted in your body to harvest your soul shall jump out and locate their Senders as you say amen right now and the glory of God shall lift you from defeat to Victory.

Your efforts will not be wasted. You will enjoy the labor of your hands.
The God of good news will announce you. On the wings of the God of breakthrough, you shall break forth. You will not waste away. Your waiting will end with reward. In Jesus Name. You shall sing a new song and men shall come to your rising and know and see that God has favored you.

You will enjoy divine support. The way maker will make a way for you, you shall not faint neither shall you be weary. Every power that limit the achievement of men shall have no power over you. Today and always the Almighty God shall remember you for good, your head shall be lifted and you shall sing a new song in Thy Mighty Name of Jesus.


Amen ijn


Amen and Amen


God will increase and multiply your harvest, Good things will not be scarce in your life, whatever you touch shall be blessed beyond your expectation. May the lord build an edge of fire over our families and endeavors. Any power or force with evil intentions to enjoy and steal our joy where we have labored, we terminate and render all their plans void.

May the Almighty God in all his power, be with you and see you through in every situation that may come your way. May your source of understanding and wisdom never be far from you and may God be your strength in all that you do. May today bring you and your family peace and love. God will open new doors of goodness, blessings and miracles for you and you will experience new miracles like never before. He will meet you at the point of your needs.

May we experience God like never before and may we find rest in all we do. Our husbands shall not be victims of evil women, the Lord shall direct their steps away from home destroyers and keep friends with negative influence away from them IJN. Amen


Amen in Jesus name.


God is the God of wonderful surprises, He allowed Father Abraham to be barren yet make him father of many great nations, He allowed Joseph to go to prison yet promoted him to a highly exalted office, David fought Goliath with catapult yet defeated him, Jonah slept 3 days and night in the fish belly yet did not died. I pray that the God of wonders will visit us, may He turn our life around and do wonders in your life. Every challenges and the issues we are passing through now shall earn us the praise for the name of the Almighty God in Jesus wonderful name. Amen. Shalom :pray:t4:




Amen. I pray the only one with the ability of final saying will command uncommon miracles into our lives. The one who can decree and no man can reverse, says it is well with us. Our lives will attract heavenly attention and God will smile on us this day in Jesus name. Amen