Prayers for all TTC mothers


The loins of kings are opened up to favour you. This new month, you will possess your possessions and you will walk upon your high places in Jesus name. Just as rivers don’t struggle to flow, you will not struggle, Impossibilities in your life and ancestry will become possibilities in your life. Men shall struggle to favour you, destiny helpers shall locate you, boundary lines are falling into pleasant places for you, we are for signs and wonders and our family shall rejoice and sing a new song this Month. God shall speak and work on our behalf, our name shall be mentioned for greatness and promotion.

We shall know no sorrow, disappointment, calamity or evil. Kings shall come to our rising, our testimony shall not be delayed, we shall shine forth like a bright light and our lives shall impart others for greatness.
The Lord will connect you with the five fold ministry of divine helpers: Daily helpers, Timely helpers, Tireless helpers, Compelling helpers and unsolicited helpers;
You will experience accelerated help to reach a New heights and achieve purpose in life, it is your season of divine encounter and manifestation of God’s promises in Jesus name, Amen


God will bless you with new name, His glory will continue to shine in your life. Doors of uncommon grace and blessings will open for you, the voice of rejoicing will remain permanent in your tabernacle, The light of God will consume your darkness. God will grant you all round success and abundant prosperity in Jesus Mighty name.

This year, you will possess your inheritance as a joint heir with Christ Jesus. No situation will impede your advancement and success , you will move from glory to glory, Grace to Greater Grace in Jesus name. mourning to rejoicing, sadness to happiness, the Lord shall make you have an overflowing blessings. Our testimonies shall not be delayed and our joy shall be full. Every situation that makes people to mock us shall be turned to celebration, the Lord shall hear our cries and speak to our wombs to bring forth our babies IJN.

Stand in faith, never lose hope for God is too good to fail!
Baby dust sisters.


An end has come to the period of waiting for the fruit of the womb in Jesus name.


Amen. Thanks sis


You are God from beginning to the end
There’s no place for argument, you are God all by yourself

Father God, the only true God, the God that never fails, the infallible and omnipotent God, Our King, messiah, helper, peace, sufficiency and help in times of trouble.
Today we lift up our voices just to praise you, we sing in faith and rejoicing you have answered our petitions.

Today Lord, please look upon us with your mercy and remember us for good, show us favor and let the noise of rejoicing be heard in our midst. Let the world know that only you are God. Father you have the final say and we know that you honor your word more than your name. Lord Jesus, please wipe away our tears, give us a new song, touch our wombs and call forth our babies to begin to manifest speedily without delay and give us grace to fulfill purpose in life in Jesus name. Amen

Sisters please let’s have an attitude of praising God, it breaks boundaries and open the flood gate of heaven. It makes our maker and god happy when we praise him, it open doors and bridges the gap to bring us closer to our testimonies.

Please praise God along with me as you are led or with songs on this link below. God bless us all. Amen




I wore my dancing shoes o…lovely songs! Thanks for this @ThefruitfulWife


Really glad you did sis, God will give us all a new song. Amen


I pray God will strengthen your thoughts, your spirit, vision and focus. In the day of battle you will not lack the strength to stand and go forward. You will not give up on the promises of God for your life in Jesus name. His promises over your life shall not fail, you shall conquer, you shall triumph over every evil covenants and curses.

The day the heaven has assigned as your day of Joy shall not be overtaken by sorrow. You have heard them sang their songs. It’s your turn now, they shall sing along with you your song of jubilation and praises. Your dance steps shall be their new dance style. Your testimonies shall be earth shaking, mind blowing, life changing and head bowing testimonies in Jesus name.
Have a fulfilling weekend and never forget that GOD NEVER FAILS.






Lord Jesus, I ask for w unique miracle today for me and everyone GTC. I pray we all have our long desired miracles and give us all reasons to smile and testify to your goodness IJN.
I call forth restoration, call forth our babies, speak to our wombs to hear the word of God and begin to perform as expected.
For all those who are pregnant amongst us, we declare they shall carry to term, no miscarriage, no complications and no premature delivery. None shall cast their seeds before the appointed time of delivery. Just like the Hebrew women, we shall all bring forth with ease and have a supernatural childbirth.
Thank you Jesus for answering our prayers for in faith we know it is done in Jesus name. Amen


From the rising of the sun unto it’s going down, the AMAZING GRACE of God will find you and speak concerning our situation. His hand of mercy will keep and preserve us and our families.
His Abounding Grace will sustain us and our Joy will know no bound, God will brighten your day and this month with wonderful testimonies in Jesus Christ Name.
We will sing the song of jubilation and the world shall rejoice with us IJN. Amen


But the Lord is my defence; and my God is the rock of my refuge. May the outstretched hands of God protect and guide you in Jesus name. The rock of your refuge will make all your enemies footstool for your feet in Jesus name. Any hindrances to your breakthrough will be dismantled in Jesus name. Any gathering of the wicked ones willing to tarnish your image will be burned to ashes in Jesus name. You will be an overcomer, a testified and the glory of God will manifest in your life in Jesus name. Your miracles will locate you and you will have cause to rejoice in Jesus name. Any evil eyes monitoring your success and breakthrough will be plucked out by fire in Jesus mighty name. God’s grace and favor shall speak on your behalf this month and we shall sing a new song. Amen.




Luke 1: 26.

“And in the sixth month the angel Gabriel was sent from God unto a city of Galilee, named Nazareth”

The sixth month conote the month of visitation.
As God remembered Mary in the sixth month and angel Gabriel visited her with the greatest news. So shall angel Gabriel visit you with your long awaited deliverance, blessings, miracle and breakthrough in Jesus Holy name.

Happy New Month to all mothers going to conceive.