Prayers for all TTC mothers




Amen… I pray same


James 1:2-7 ".My brethren,count it all joy when ye fall into diverse temptations;knowing this,that the trying of your faith worketh patience,but let patience have her perfect work,that ye may be perfect and entire wanting nothing.If any of you lack wisdom,let him ask of God,that giveth to all men liberally,and upbraideth not;and it shall be given unto him.but let him ask in faith,nothing wavering,
Dear mamas in the house ,i want us to ask for anything we want in faith,and i so much believe God will surely answer us.Amen






I receive my twins this month, my womb is blessed and I shall not cast my young in the name of Jesus.


Ameno and amen. This is my confession


Friday personal declaration:

Among those that will break-forth into breakthroughs, success, uncommon favour, un-explainable connections and timeless testimonies, our name will top the list. This month shall not swallow my miracles, fruitfulness is my lot, I am encompassed about with multiples of glorious children. The best of them all is coming my way. My babies shall not be handicapped or deformed, because God is taking time to mould the kings and queens in my womb. Their lives shall be testimonies and breakthroughs. The young, old, young, male, female, from the four corners of the earth shall call me blessed. My children unborn are for signs and wonders, at their conception wonders, mighty deeds shall follow me till I bring them forth.

Every negative pronouncement of barrenness or unfruitfulness in my life and marriage shall not stand, I nullify every evil counsel, they shall no stand. I sanctify my body, spirit soul and reproductive organs in the blood of Jesus. God has deposited inside my husband all it takes to form babies when we meet. We shall no longer labor in vain. Every serpent eating the seeds of my husband seeds are roasted by holyghost fire. My womb becomes untouchable by evil forces and hands, every monitoring spirit and eyes assigned to my life to suck the fruit of my womb shall wither to their roots.

My foetus are implanted securely in my womb. My twins (say what you want) are covered with the blood of Jesus and my womb is nourishing them with the required nutrients. They shall come forth at their appropriate time and not before it. I nullify every medical report written against my womb, fallopian tubes, uterus, ovaries, husband sperm and menstrual flow by the power in the name of Jesus.

You my womb, hear the word of the Lord, open and begin to perform your God ordained function in the name of Jesus. Amen.

Mommas Please add as led




Amen.Heavenly Father, I come to you today and always your loving servant to ask of You a request to be able to conceive a baby. This is a reward that I will cherish with my life. I thank you for the blessings I have and for the blessing I am about to receive. I believe in Jesus’s name and do not take him for granted. I love you Lord with my whole heart and I know I am not forsaken or forgotten. Amen.










Ameeeeeeen, I receive mine too in Jesus name.



Amen ijn






Ameeeeeeennn ooo