Prayers for all TTC mothers


Today I say unto you in particular that each and every pressing prayer request that you have been bombarding heaven with, I say I agree with you in the name of God the father, God the son, God the holy spirit. Out of your tabernacle today shall be a song of victory, song of joy, and song merry. As Jabez prayed and God answered his prayer, today you will be more honorable than your brethren in the name of Jesus.

Every evil name that has been attached to you and your marriage due to your present circumstance or situation, God is turning the table in your favour and putting a new song in your mouth. The God of Israel will bless you indeed that your enemies and mockers will be confounded. He will enlarge your territory and coast and cause lines to fall in pleasant places for you. The lord God almighty will fight all your battles with you, for you, and through you and you shall be victorious. The hand of God will avert every evil coming your way today and for the rest of this year. You will have great reward for all your doings in Jesus name.

With your hand work, God will announce you to the world in glamour and in grand style in the mighty name of Jesus. Great men will marvel at your greatness and at your surprising promotion in the mighty name of Jesus. God is still in the business of blessing and answering his children. Don’t let your faith waver, our miracles will manifest very soon and we shall all shout Halleluyah! Amen.


Amen ijn, thank you ma for the wonderful declaration.


Ameeeeeeennn… I receive all prophesy.


Amen ijn




Amen in Jesus name


Good evening beautiful mamas in the house. Tomorrow is our prayer and fasting, you can break anytime from 12noon. We will be praying for God’s favor in every areas of our lives. That we shall find favor where we least expect it and let his favor speak on our behalf.

So everyone will be dropping a prayer point as led, no prayer is too short. Let’s join our faith and allow God to favor us roundabout. We are blessed and highly favored.
Luke 1:28, Isaiah 40:31

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O God our father, we lift our voice to you this morning and seek your face that we may find favor in all areas of our lives. In our finance, marriage, business, career and endeavors, cause the light of your countenance to shine upon us in Jesus name. For those seeking you for promoting, enlargement, breakthroughs, visa and permanent residency, Lord show forth on our behalf in Jesus name.

Prob 21:1 your word says the heart of the king is in your hands. Father turn the heart of every committee or decision maker to favor us in all that concerns us. Our helpers shall not rest until we favored, from the four corners of the earth men and women shall rise to favor us.
In our marriage Lord, let us be highly favored and blessed in Jesus name to the glory of your name. Amen


In the name of Jesus, everywhere the sole of our feet threads upon, we shall be favored all through this month and the rest of this year. We come against every form of disfavor in our family, at work and business shall receive new levels of favour in Jesus name Amen.


Psalm 102 verse 13 says,Thou shall arise and have mercy upon Zion, for the time to favour her yea, the set time is come,oh lord my father, it is my set time favour me today oh lord by mercy in all areas of my life.




I plead the blood, the blood of Jesus
I plead the blood, the blood of Jesus.

It is written that when death passed over the children of Israel after seeing the blood at their door post. This morning, the blood of Jesus shall begin to speak on our behalf, we shall be favored where we are the least qualified. I speak unmerited favor over our businesses, jobs, family and finances. the favor of God shall make way for us where our labour and efforts have failed in Jesus name. Amen


Amen ijn greater level is our portion ijn


:musical_score:Oh lord speak into my life,i am a living sacrifice,your word says live and not die, oh lord speak into my life: oh lord speak into mylife,family,job,business,and destiny today remember me oh lord and favor me.


Lord Jesus, thank you for favor abound, even before we came into existence. "You prepare a table before us, in the presence of our enemies, you anoint our head with oil, our cup runneth over, SURELY… goodness and mercy shall follow us all the days of our life… Psalm 23:5-6.
Sweet Jesus I declare today that we are favored, from the crown of our head to feet, favor in relationship with you Lord, favor in relationship with our spouses, offsprings, family, place of work, and country at large. For this is the confidence we have in you, that if we ask anything according to your will, you will hear us, and we know we have the petition we ask of you. Thank you merciful Father.


Our father and our God anytime and anywhere our name is being mentioned (family, place of work, business) please let your favor speak for us all…amen
Isaiah 45 vs 7… Lord form your light of favor into our life’s and homes in Jesus name …amen


Father Lord, according to your word in Prov 3:4, “So shalt thou find favour and good understanding in the sight of God and man” Let your all areas of our lives radiates your favour. In all our lives, husbands, children, family, work, business, marriage, for visa application and all we do, we shall find favor before God and man in Jesus name. Amen


Favour of God, locate us and let our ways be prosperous. We shall no longer be called forsaken but be favoured of God and man. Lord let all our actions and ways delight you and man at all times. In all our lives your favour shall overshadow our lives in Jesus name. Amen




We will all wake up like this👇ijn Amen