Prayers for all TTC mothers


Amen ijn




Amen. How have you been dearie?


My sister @Victoria, I’ve been good and you? Thanks for checking up on me :kissing_heart:


Hey lovelies, @ThefruitfulWife, how is your day coming dear, pls let our new mum’s know about our Wednesday fast so they can prepare their minds for it . Hope everyone is ready for our tomorrow encounter with God. @MamaTwins @mamapikin @Mummynwa @aydiva @Leema @LadyS @Victoria @afolake


Yes mumma, day is going well thank God. Oh yes, I will do a reminder in a bit. Thanks hun, work has been workful (if there is anything like that) :sweat_smile:




Amen… In Jesus precious name.


Ezekiel 12: 25a
Luke 5: 1-10
Mark 10: 46-52
Exodus 20: 8-10
Jeremiah 29: 5-15

Good afternoon beautiful mamas in the house. Tomorrow is our prayer and fasting, you can break anytime from 12noon. We will be praying for divine settlement and rest in every areas of our lives. That we shall have rest, no more struggles, no more hardships, we shall no longer waste our resources, no more wasted efforts, no more lack, no more labour.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be about conception, let’s pray about other areas of our lives too. So everyone will be dropping a prayer point as led, no prayer is too short. Let’s join faith and believe God Himself shall settle us, calm our waters and give us peace, rest over our struggles and all that pertains to our lives shall be easy for us. Amen

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Praying with Jeremiah 29:11…Heavenly Father we appreciate you because you have assured us that you are true to your promises.
God alone knows His plans for us: To bring us PROSPERITY and not disaster, to bring about the future that we hope for. Lord Jesus, please take us to where you want us to be, Amen!
As we prepare to commune with you tomorrow, strengthen us and give us the grace to trust you. Accept our prayers, take away our worries and anxieties and grant us PEACE from above, Amen!


In Jesus name Amen






Amen, thank you momma @Beauty🤗


Everlasting father, the one that is God all by Himself, we adore you this morning and we ask for forgiveness of our sins that our prayers may come up to you as a sweet smelling savor. It is our desire to have rest from all our struggles in life, we desire settlement that we may never labour in vain again. According to your word in Jeremiah 29: 5-15, we are seeking your face that we may have all round settlement, free from captivity, prosper, multiply and above all that we may find you and have rest in you. Lord Jesus in faith we know you have heard us and delivered us out of our distresses, thank you for the answered prayers for in Jesus name we have prayed. Amen.






Mommas please drop your prayers too. God bless us all.

Our father we pray for divine settlement in our marriages, may you give us rest and let us find peace in all that we do. We are tired of labour and struggle, we seek you God of light that all lack, disappointments, delays and long and short hardships be terminated in our lives. Thank you because we know is done, in Jesus name. Amen