Prayers for all TTC mothers








Amen :pray:t4:


Amen IJN


Amen, I receive mine too




Amen, it is done


This day the Lord will showcase His mighty power upon you and all that you do shall produce result, never will you suffer any any kind of attack, as you step out you will witness abundance blessings of the Lord, you will never be named among the dead, no man will make you pay for what you did not buy, spiritual buying and selling that has taken place over night to be perfected over your life this day is hereby destroyed by the power of the Holy Ghost.

The camp of your stubborn enemies shall be made desolate, you will eat to satisfaction, you will have comfort all round, you will have joy in full, as many that has been contacted and directed to harm you shall be arrested, your going out and coming in is blessed this day, as you return home today miracles will follow you, your long awaited miracles shall manifest, God will wipe away your tears and put a dance of rejoicing on ur feet In Jesus Name. Amen.










Sisters tomorrow is our fasting and prayers, please let’s make it a date and put our faith to work. God is powerful and He hears our prayers.


noted @ThefruitfulWife


Yes mama we are ready :+1:t4::pray:t4:


Good evening Mamas, I trust we all had a very productive day. Tomorrow is our prayer and fasting day and we will be praying about Divine speed. That God should give us speed in areas we have lost time and opportunities in, in our marriage, careers, businesses, finances, and all our affairs. What is taking us forever to achieve, God should give us divine speed to make up for lost time and exceed it beyond our expectations. Divine enablement and empowerment to be who God wants us to be. Gen 26:12, 1 Sam 30:8-9.

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Father in Jesus name, we thank you for today, we thank you for how far you have kept us and our families. We thank you for we know we serve a living God. Lord Jesus, we ask for your enabling grace to receive divine speed to achieve breakthrus and break limits. Let your hand be upon us, our husbands, jobs, businesses, finances, health,marriages and every areas of our lives. We pray that we are able to regain all that we have lost due to ignorance in many folds in Jesus name. Amen