Risk of low progesterone in pregnancy


Good afternoon dear moms, a friend of mine got pregnant and miscarried early this year she went to the hospital and the doctor said it was due to her low progesterone,the doctor now advised that after getting pregnant again she must be placed on progesterone injection till her progesterone level is OK for the pregnancy,she is now pregnant again plus she’s afraid of injection and her not loosing the baby again.please I want to ask if any Mama on this forum has taken progesterone injection before.


Hi @Ifeshe congrats to her, pls advice her to go take the injection right away, it doesn’t kill, rather helps to boost progesterone which is highly important for pregnancy, in cases like this most mums to be would constantly need progesterone injection to help sustain the baby, sometimes till 3months,some others after 6months, or even till 9months depends, biko for the babies sake. I know someone who took premolute injection from week 6, till 20th week. May God see her thru her pregnancy journey, amen. Same blessing to us all.


Thanks so much,same thing I told her to do,she said she prefer drugs to injection since it’s for the safety of the baby,i would advise her. Baby dust to us all


Progesterone is good for the baby, even those that did IVF are usually placed on progesterone. She should take it please and our congrats to her.


Hello dear, congrats to your friend,i would advise her to take the injection till any month the doctors want her to, it’s very good for the baby in order to prevent miscarriage,she will carry the baby full term ijn.Amen.


Congratulations to ur friend, we too shall celebrate this great news very soon. Pls let her follow her doctor’s advice, he won’t advice her wrongly