She thought she had a tumor

This story was #copied but true.

A lady, 42 year old was referred to us with a referring diagnosis of abdominal tumor. When I met her and her husband - she was in obvious mental distress, shaken and crying. She had a feeling of fullness in her lower abdomen which is why she went to her family physician, who examined her and told her that there is a growth in her belly and that she should go to hospital immediately.

I’ve asked her usual questions regarding her medical history which was completely clear of any signs of serious illness sugestable for malignancy. She said that she is in menopause and that her last period was in March (and it was October when this happened).

Immediately after I examined her belly I could feel the back of the baby. She was a bit obese so her belly was already large. I proceeded with abdominal ultrasound which confirmed an advanced pregnancy with practicaly fully formed fetus.

So she asked me with teary eyes:”Doctor, what’s going on? Do I have a tumor, or not?”

At that moment I responded with a quote from House MD, TV show, for which I thought I would never be in a position to use: “Sure, you do have it! But this tumor will go out on its own in about month or two, and in a year it’s going to call you - Mommy! Congratulations, Mam, you are around 7 months pregnant!”.

So she jumped from the bed and started to hug her husband and laugh and cry at the same time. Then she stopped and said with perplexion in her voice: “But, how? I am in menopause? I have grandchildren.”

So, then I explained to her that she was at the beginning of menopause when periods can skip, but there are still cycles when she can get pregnant - which is what probably happened - she misunderstood her absence of period as a menopause while pregnancy was the true reason.