Skipped period


Hello fruitful mothers, happy new year to everyone. One month from today will make a year I got married. I have been TTC. I noticed something about my period this month and this same event occurred some months back. It started on Wednesday and paused on Saturday(the whole day) then showed on Sunday which was the last day. Please do I have any cause to be concerned?


Dear @Mummyzion, how long is your period? Perhaps the Sunday’s was just spotting, if yes I don’t think it’s something serious because that makes it 5 days. But it’s good to also do an hormonal profile if you have not. Also are you on any medication at the moment? Baby dust sis


My period lasts for 4 days. It wasn’t really spotting, although it wasn’t heavy. I’m not on any medication. Thanks for the advice


Uw dear


Run pregnancy test after some time bacause almost similar thng happen to my fnd some Years back only for her to discover dat she was pregnant.