Sperm leakage


Hi mama,According to the old mother tale,most especially the Yoruba’s,they say it Eeda.To doctors, its law of gravity,hmmm,I usually experience it but when my MIL gave me a soap to use I was skeptical about it because its not good to use soap to wash the Veejay.My adorable mamas,I had to use one day and I was surprised the leakage reduced drastically.so during my fertile period I use and it also make me wet toocovers face What do you say to this.continue or


My dear @Jummie it worked for u be that oo. Just be cautious darling. Continue the kpekus dey go my sister :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy:


@ThefruitfulWife,dearie you are so funny,no be small kpekus o,twins and triplet fall on you dear.


HEhehehehehehehe na that wet part I see.:heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat::heart_eyes_cat: Please that na correct opportunity for the swimmers to go jam the egg oo. This month we shall celebrate in Jesus name. Abeg stop that soap as the leakage don stop. All the best mama :hugs:


@MamaTwins,thanks sis,I’ll do just that,amen to the prayers,baby dust.


So far it works for you please use it and stop using immediately you are healed.twins on the way…


Ameeeeen love


Hello dear please can you tell me the name of the soap,i am so much in need of it,and please hope there is no side effect.thanks


@ifeshe,its a soap with a combination of orisirisi,I can only perceive the smell of Joy or Lux soap in it.it was MIL that gave me and I don’t know where she got it from.


Please can you help me ask her, am seriously in need of it, I have undergone test and so many procedures still it’s occurring, thats y I wanted to try herbal.


I am also interested o. I am tired of EDA stuff.


Please am also in need


Please I need too


@Jummie u don get plenty customers oo, oya come and answer them and speak to MIL on their request


Sis@MamaTwins no be small customer,I spoke to her and she wants to help get again but how do I get to send to them?is there anything like a private message so I can contact them to know how to get to them.


Yes , you can send a private message to anyone. Click on the person’s name then a pop up will come on, and select “message”


Thanks much


Mamas I greet u all please is the any thing I can take to get wet before sex am always dry no matter how hubby touch me I will be still dry I need help oooo


@susy, same thing applies to me, but I found out that it’s psychological, u need to put your mind in d moment,


@Suzy @lifted most times it’s psychological, so u need to relax, fantasize about the stunts u’ll show Oga :wink:. Then they are some food u can also eat to increase ur libido. See here Food that Boosts Libido , let ur mind be der during the koko :wink: