Sperm leakage


Mama jummie Plc I need it too which part in Nigeria are u this is my number 07037591540 I need it ooo


Hi Suzy,i am in Ibadan,you can send me a private message.so we will know how it will get to you


Thanks mama I will do that


Pls I nid too oooo…am new here I can’t send pchat yet…pls watsapp me on these num 08172941747…pls EPP a sis…tnk u


I need too o, thank God I dey ibadan


I need too


I need it too. 08037892168. I heard sperm leakage is quit normal not all sperm get into the vahina


I believe so too. U piple shld let us know when u use it oo.


I was just about to ask what causes sperm leakage and its normal


I mean if it’s normal


Well, I think it depends on the level of leakage. Most times u still get to wipe ur veejay and even drops even seeps onto ur pant later on which is normal. Some may be experiencing a more prominent leakage.


Oh okay, if it’s this then am good. I was told that it shouldn’t even drop or come out at all.thanKS sweetie


@Jummie pls do not forget to also mail me private one biko, i also need the soup too. thank you.


Hi Mama,I am really sorry I have been MIA,where do I start from,This past weeks have been very tough, I thank God I am alive after all that happened.So pertaining to the soap,MIL said some questions need to be asked before using the soap so as to know the type to use.pls I want to chip in this,I didn’t say it stopped totally but it reduced,.I asked some friends that has kids now and some said it happened to them and they still got pregnant, one even swore it was when she started leaking she got pregnant after 2 yes, some said it doesn’t leak at all.The whole thing is confusing, but the koko is to get a Bfp.Baby dust to everyone.


Thanks for sharing @Jummie and hope whatever “happened” is not very serious? Thank God for your life sweet. :kissing_heart:


@Jummie thank God you are doing better now, I hope you are strong, thank you for sharing with us.


Dear @Jummie, thank God for life and we hope all is good with you and family too. This leaking sturvs ehn, at times I feel it’s our mind oo. Cos no matter what, there will still be some leaking sha…


dear @jummie,God will see you through dear,we thank God you are hale and hearty,thanks for the info,leakage or not BFP IS THE KOKO,I pray he will answer all awaiting mums soon.


Thanks everyone for the warm reception,I appreciate,it is well with us.May God answer our prayers speedily.


Again ,I read somewhere about clean point tampon,to clear all the yamayama after AF,I want to try it in my next cycle,who have used it? Reviews pls and does anyone knows who sells and how much. Thanks,