Sperm lekage issue


Hello mamas at home,i have been ttc for 2 years now,and i have been experiencing sperm leakage issue,which has never happened to me before, I have been from one hospital to the other consulting different gyneas but still no improvement,sometimes am even tired of my hubby making love to me because the sperms spills out immediately after sex. I felt embarrassed sometimes Please I need help, I don’t know if anyone is experiencing this…please mama’s help me out baby dust to us all.


@Ifeshe, have ur gynae asked u and hubby to run some tests in sperm quality and to check ur cervix and for Uterine infections. These are common causes too, some people have also mentioned use of traditional herbs. Momma that have used shld pls share.


@Ifeshe I used to have this some years back and my doctor mentioned some times which might have caused it. This is a little write I have on it. I hope it helps dear.

Sperm pour or sperm leak occurs when after sexual intercourse, sperm pours out of the vagina either while you are still lying down or after some hours you are up.

Most common is when the sperm pour occurs immediately after the penis is ejected from the vagina after ejaculation, if this occurs frequently, the man should not withdraw till he loses an erection

Another occurrence is sperm leak after several hours sex has taken place, this is the most devastating of sperm leak.

Causes of sperm leak

Infections: Growth and spread of infection resist the advancement of the sperm released into your body through the vagina and as such the sperm is possibly killed and sent backward.

Yeast infection creates a very acidic environment for the sperm to thrive and therefore destroys the sperm and the sperm is poured out through the vagina.

Low sperm quality: The less active motile sperm cells a man has, the more difficult it is for the sperm to make it through the cervix after ejaculation. Eating vegetables, cucumber, avocados, banana, and watermelon, tiger nuts and walnuts can be very helpful.

Pls let me know if it was helpful and best of luck dear


Dear @Ifeshe,a friend of mine share same experience with me about having thick cervical mucus,internal heat and retroverted uterus can also be the cause,i hope this could be helpful for the treatment procedure
Thick cervical mucus: thick cervical mucus all through the cycle signifies possibilities of inflammation of the glands of the cervix. This can be resolved by drinking warm water, taking the cough syrup Robitussin containing an active ingredient, guaifenesin; It is an expectorant that helps to loosen mucus in the lungs. Take 2 teaspoonfuls three times daily five days before ovulation and use all through ovulation day. Garlic, grapefruit juice, and evening primrose help to thin out and increase cervical mucus.

Excessive consumption of white sugar: upsets the population of the friendly bacteria in the vagina.

Internal Heat: Pelvic adhesion and Pelvic Inflammatory disease can cause internal heat. Among the causes of internal heat is the growth of a tumor, like a fibroid in or around the uterus. The presence of these tumors generates heat within the reproductive region thus may cause liquefaction of the sperm and make them watery.

Antisperm Antibodies: Anti-sperm Antibodies are chemical substances produced by the immune system that assumes that the sperm is an enemy of the body and then it goes ahead and attacks it. It has been discovered that these antibodies are formed after the treatment of infections.

Retroverted Uterus: A retroverted uterus is simply, a uterus that is tipped backward so that it tapers towards the rectum instead of the belly. The rear entry sexual position should be adopted and at the end, the woman will lie on her belly with a pillow underneath instead of lying on the back.


Thanks so much hubby has run seminal fluid analysis and the sperm quality was okay, same too I have treated infection,but the sperm keeps leaking,am so tired and frustrated…


Thanks so much for this information, I think I would go for the thick cervical mucus treatment,i noticed my Cm are always thick. I pray it works for me.


Don’t get tired mama , @Ifeshe have you done a pelvic scan to see the position of ur uterus? That may lead to more answers. Baby dust dear


Thanks @MamaTwins I have done pelvic scan and it indicated everything was normal,thanks for your concern.


God is in charge, I will suggest you use doggy style and maintain that position for few mins after sex. This might help, :hugs:


Hello Fruitful Mommas in the house @Ifeshe @MamaTwins @aydiva @ThefruitfulWife… I’m abit confused on this topic. Does sperm really leak out of the Veejay? I thought those cells are microscopic? How do we get to be sure it’s sperm that’s leaking out? Perhaps it might be safer to say it’s Semen that leaks out…which I had thought was normal before now. Even after DH ejaculates and stays put till he looses erections before withdrawing, I still have to wipe around my Veejay. There’s always fluid coming out while I’m still lying down…not like it pours out though, just a little fluid. I had thought it’s just semen. Now with this post “Sperm leakage issue”, do I have to be worried? Are we (I & DH) really loosing sperm? I didn’t think it was a problem. Please throw more light on this. Many thanks Lovelies.


i do wipe some semen from my veejay too after, u are not the only one. Those that leaks is as if it can’t go through the uterus and almost immediately or few hours later, it just comes out.


@Beauty every woman no matter how deep DH was, u’ld still find a trickle of semen by the veejay.
Semen is what is ejaculated (seminal fluid + sperm cells)
Like you said the sperm cells are microscopic and also millions in number, so no matter the trickles u wipe on the veejay, we only need one of it to fertilize the egg. So dear, no cause for alarm, you and DH ain’t losing any sperm cells. I wipe my veejay too and we ain’t losing sperm


Oh Thanks @ThefruitfulWife @MamaTwins Copy that! I’m safe!..smiles and goes to bed


:joy::joy::joy::joy::joy: sweet dreams


Thanks Love. You too!


I am concerned bcs it doesn’t happen to me before,it started recently


I use doggy and maintain the position for hours and after lying down sperm still leak. It’s frustrating.


don’t be tired dear, infection does not go with just once treatment. after the treatment do you go for a follow up test to check if the infection is fully gone. change your set of panty’s ,with this era of drying panty’s in the bathroom. is advisable you iron your panty’s them before wearing