Taking cinnamon powder and honey


Mommies in the house please is it good for a ttc woman to take cinnamon powder with honey? A friend of mine is asking me if is ok for her, that she is suppose to be on her fertile window from 1st but after she took the cinnamon power mixed with honey and had sex with her husband she started bleeding. She is not pregnant oh, so we don’t really know if it was the cinnamon or something else.


Surprisingly I think it’s good for fertility
The bleeding might be from something else, is it much so she can go see her gynae. See what I saw



Thanks alot @ mama twins, I will advise her to continue taking it but not with honey, will also ask her to see her gynea to confirm what could have cause the bleeding.


It couldn’t av been the cinnamon dear, she shld consult her gynae to be sure of the cause of the bleeding


@ThefruitfulWife ruitfulwife I have informed her to see her gynea. Thank you.