Taking lemon while trying to conceive


Good day all, please I need your help I ve been trying to conceive for more than one year now, Is taking lemon bad while trying to conceive cos am also trying to lose weight


Lemon is fine for both that you’re using it for , but you can as well add some other supplements too like fertilaid product" fertilaid for women, ovaboost and myo inositol if treating pcos.I pray you testify soon


@Treasure2 Weldone sis, all your efforts shall not be in vain. @Ayomikunkcohas said it well, Cellgevity is another supplement I can boastfully recommend. It’s very effective. I can link you up if you are interested.


Please am interested, anything that could be of help


We had a nutritionist who was on the forum and introduced Cellgevity to us. Here is a link to read more about it:

Ask The Nutritionist - Date now Tues March 13 @6pm’’

You can contact him for yours… 08033232216