Testimony oooo

Big congratulations to u, may u carry it to full term in Jesus name

Yeeepeeeeee :dancer: :dancer: :dancer:, I call him Jehovah overdo, God of die minutes :joy: ,Congratulations Sis, you will carry to term, you will not cast your young, our prayers r with all our pregnant moms, welcome home baby.

Wow!!! Hallelujah thanks to God for this beautiful gift of conception. Our God is great! Testimonies shall abound. I claim mine too IJN. Who did this? Jesus OMG! :pray:t4::pray:t4::pray:t4::pray:t4:. You shall carry to term sis IJN.

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Congratulations, wow! I tap into this testimony for us all

Congratulations… Grace to carry it to full term… In Jesus mighty name… Amen

Great news. Awesome testimony. So shall my testimony come this season of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Amen in Jesus name

A big congrats to U. U shall carry your pregnancy to full term and deliver like the hebrew women. I tap into this miracle and pray that our testimony is near IJN

What a miraculous God we serve. Congrats sis, safe journey and glorious landing at full term. I claim my miracle in Jesus name Amen

Congratulations dear, may you carry this bundle of joy to term. Best Christmas :gift:

How are you doing @Floxy_Iy_Oni and the lil one? I hope the morning sickness is not too stressing you sha, just checking up on you.

Am asked to go for hsg am visiting d hospital for d first time about ttc 3yrs am I safe I just need opinion

Congratulations ooo.

Congrats Sis, I claim mine in Jesus name, Amen

Very safe dear, so many people conceive after hsg. Be prayerful and positive. Grace

True, I did conceive immediately after my hsg, sadly I lost it at d 3rd month

Wao…good to be here again after along while…av’v been through a lot, but all the same I thank God. I actually loss the pregnancy to miscarriage. Two miscarriages within this period. I need ur prayers my beautiful mummies.

Awww :ok_woman:t4::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved: this is very unfair and painful, please look on the brighter side. Any info from your gynae about the causes? These are not just random occurrences. It’s really been a long while, and I’m praying God makes your testimony manifest speedily. This time around you will carry to term and bring forth a healthy baby in Jesus name. Amen

So sorry dear. It’s well with you. God’s intervention to you dearie. Try to find out the cause(s) from your gynae. Though all my miscarriages defiled Medical explanations. So most importantly, hold your prayer alter very strong too. Your lasting testimony will soon land. God’s blessings to you dearie.

Congratulations dear…Amen

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