Testimony : The Lord has finally answer my secret prayer

The Lord has finally answer my secret prayer… Test positive on January 1st… Help me to pray to God to give me the strength to carry the pregnancy to full term,don’t want to give birth to premature again…

I pray for all GTC mummies in the house ,the Lord will answer you speedily and put a smile on your beautiful faces

Baby dust to everyone


Hallelujah! Congratulations @olori_ishola. Thank you Almighty God. You shall definitely carry to term, no more premature baby. Please see your doctor about doing a cerclage for you to prevent a premature birth. Cerclage is sewing of the cervix to prevent premature birth. God will strengthen you and you shall carry to term and deliver safely in Jesus name. Amen

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Wow… this is awesome news.
Congratulations to you and your husband. What a way to start a new year.

Please maintain a healthy diet, speak to a doctor so that you can start your antenatal when due. Avoid anything that will stress you this period.

The Lord surely answers prayers.

What a beautiful new year gift, congratulations @Olori_Ishola God will meet everyone of us needs this year with pleasant surprises. You shall definitely carry to term without any complications🙌🏼

Bless the name of the Lord… congratulations.
Amen to the prayers

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A big congratulations to you…

A big congratulations to you and your husband

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Welcome back @samuelwealth after a long time. Happy new year, how have you been?

Welcome back @Shayo, hope you are doing great?

Congratulations, may God grant you the strength and the will to fulfill it all, and may God also answer us all. Amen

Yes ooo, thank you. I am doing well. Happy new year

Amen :pray:t4:

Amen, congratulations sis

Congrat sis

I am doing well . Thank you