The two week wait

Guys, I’m so anxious…sitting on pins and needles…please Jehovah… My period is due for 12 August…I pray it doesn’t come. I’ve been trying for three years with no success. I have an ovarian cyst but my God is bigger than this!!! Please pray for me sisters, I’ll return with feedback

It will surely end in praise and you shall return with testimony IJN. Amen

Amen my sister thank u @Ayomikunkco :heart::heart:

It will end in praise sis. It is settled!

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Amen my sister I’m praying hard!

As you have trusted in and acknowledged God to perfect it, He will surprise you just as he did for Hannah. He will show you mercy and favor you. Our God does the impossible and I join faith with you that He shall change your story in Jesus name. Amen.

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@ThefruitfulWife thank you so much my sister I am praying, the God we serve is bigger than any problem we face as women, the fruit of the womb is a reward, and we believe that He will reward us as He promised…:pray:t5::pray:t5:

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Amen, praying for you here