Things NOT to say to a woman trying to Conceive

Many of us have heard most and not if more of this kind of inappropriate, unthinking and insensitive statements from friends, families, neighbours and strangers. Some of them don’t mean to make us feel bad and inadequate, it’s just insensitivity and not being mindful of others feelings. When it finally happens, they still ask, so how did it happen??? :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

Don’t Say

  • Relax it will happen.
  • Are you pregnant yet
  • When you stop trying it will just happen.
  • Ughh I hated being pregnant.
  • I got pregnant the first time we tried it.
  • You just need to take care of yourself
  • Can’t you just adopt?
  • Why not just adopt?
  • Maybe it’s just for the best
  • Maybe it’s not meant to be
  • Maybe it’s God’s will
  • Don’t worry you still have time, you are young
  • What are you still waiting for, or you want to raise children in your old age?
  • Time is going and you are getting older
  • Is it him or you?
  • I didn’t want to tell you I was pregnant because I don’t know how you will feel
  • Does this fertility really work because I don’t believe in them?

Instead, encourage and support them, ask if they want to talk about it, ask them if there’s anything you can do to assist. Let’s support each other and be a shoulder to cry on when another woman is about drowned in fertility uncertainties.
Please feel free to add other statements people have said to you while on this journey.

Very correct, some will even say:

Maybe it’s God way of saying you can’t have a child, Imaginee???

That is very ridiculous, people are very insensitive sha. As if they know what one is going through.

A friend of mine that had 2 boys said to me, do I want her kids to still be calling me by my name? :persevere::roll_eyes: As if its in my power

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God will surprise you dear, that’s very insensitive of her .