To-do List for First Time Mums (FTM)


15 PM

Oh yea, you are a FTM and no clue on what or how to adjust to your changing body and how to prepare for your long awaited bundle of joy. Here is a list of To-do list and tips to guide us along the way.

First Trimester

  1. Get a good health provider
  2. Don’t overfeed your head with information from Dr Google
  3. Save money and get a good comfy pant/boxers and maternity bra and buy only the essentials
  4. Get support from family and friends who will be there to assist you

Second Trimester

  1. Relax and take that break you need or short vacation for yourself.
  2. Get your nursery sets, stock up on your baby clothes, tie up loose ends before the last trimester
  3. Sleep sleep and sleep well. also write and share your crazy pregnancy dreams if they are not too weird.
  4. Now get in the mood to shop for your maternity wears and ensure they are very comfortable.

Third Trimester

  1. Enjoy the last stage of your preggy
  2. Ask for help when you need it
    3 Get a water proof pad under your bed when you sleep just in case your boobs leak/you pee yourself/your water breaks at night/etc, you never can tell what might happen. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:
  3. Stock up he house with necessities and recommendations from friends for the baby arrival and postnatal care and household items


Thanks mama, will do. Oya babies start locating ur mummies ooo cos we are waiting to start stocking up already :heart_eyes:. #God bless you babies as you come# Amen