Treatment for uterine adhesion

Hello Mamas,
Kindly profer solutions to my infertility issue.
I’ve been diagnosed with uterine adhesion due to the C-section with my first child. I’m seriously trying for baby no 2 and it’s becoming frustrating. I did an operative hysteroscopy on 6th of October, I had a balloon in my uterus for 10 days to keep the scar tissue from forming. I bleed for those 10 days and the bleeding stopped when the balloon was removed. I saw my period on 22nd of October, for 3 days and it stopped. Pls note that I’ve not had my period for 15 months prior to the operation.
I was told it’s due to the scaring. My Doctor gave me a go ahead to TTC, but I couldn’t conceive this month cos the uterine scaring symptoms is back. Severe pelvic pain and scanty period. I’m sure I’m still scared. I need to hear of anyone who has gone through this and conceived. I want to hear what they did pls.
Thank you


I’m really sad to hear about all that you’ve gone through dear. Mamas in the house, please come and share your thoughts with @Mimi . This needs our response. Thanks

God please hear the cry of your children and answer us all.

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I was diagnosed with uterine adhesion too, they have done adhesiolysis and inserted an iud in my uterus plus I was placed on hormonal therapy. My period is very good now, am waiting for the second month to remove the iud. U r not alone, we shall overcome. Pls let your doctor place u on hormones… The adhesion is not back, d balloon prevents it from coming back… U need hormonal therapy to set your system back in order.


Thanks for sharing @Adaomale . Amen to your prayer

How far? Have u seen your doctor? What’s d outcome?

Mimi dear, any progress yet? We care!

Mimi how far