Trying to concive

How can i get pregnancy fast.

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Yes you can! if the odds / chances are in your favor. Are there any challenges that might be causing a delay you want to share with us?

I had sxx during my fertility window & Ovulation day which my ovulation date was on 10/09/19 day after am having breast tenseness, slightly cramps & headache. Its normal or sign of fertilization or implantation.

I got married of recent and have been trying to conceive. I do have some thick white discharge during intercourse with my husband, we went for test and was told I have an heavy growth of an infection.I was given injection and and I and my husband was asked to use Augumentin drug.Although we have finished the drug and am still seeing some of those discharge. Please mothers should also tell me what to use and pray God bless womb very soon

@Oyediran, welcome here momma, God will answer you speedily soon, amen.
From experience, I will suggest you follow up with another test to confirm it is treated completely.
If it’s just the infection, then please stay healthy and meet during your ovulation time and it will happen sooner than you expected.

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Amen ma.Thank you

Hello am new here

@Oyediran @Akerele88 welcome mommas on board, We are happy to have you here and we hope your journey on GTC (Going to conceive) is as short as possible. @Oyediran please follow up with another test as @MamaTwins has suggested. I pray for baby dust and a BFP before this year ends. amen. Please feel free to look around the topics on the forum and share as you read along.

Trying to conceive please what can I do

Good evening everyone, I,m new here hope am welcomed?

Pls can someone help a sister here?
I have been trying to conceive since may and started having symptoms of pregnancy which I did urine test and it came out positive, I did blood test it came out positive and I went for scan it shows negative. During the scan it was detected that I have ovarian cyst which I later went for surgery. Is going to four months now that I did the surgery and trying to conceive but to no avail…pls wat could be the problem again?

@Chibaby oh yes, you are very welcome momma. Please know that most women have ovarian cysts at one time or another in their lives but it depends on the size and if it ruptured. Also the cysts may cause false positive on the pregnancy test.
In few instances, one of the ovaries may have to be removed during the surgery which may cause a delay in getting pregnant. I will advise you to consult your gynae again for fertility assessment and recommend the best after treatment fertility plan.
But know that there is nothing impossible, you just have to have faith and be positive that you will get pregnant. Are you currently on any medication to stop further growth of the cysts?
Momma, you might find this link useful Ginger used to treat ovarian cysts and clear the fallopian tubes?

Welcome @Jesusbaby to our loving platform, can you share more with us, like how long and is there any diagnosis yet?

@Chibaby welcome here sis and please don’t worry too much, you will get pregnant again. At least the surgery was done and everything is back to normal which is a good thing. I hope you are taking folic acid daily it’s good for every woman trying to conceive. Try for another 2 months and if nothing happens then visit the gynae again to know what he/she will recommend. I pray for a quick conception in Jesus name. We all shall celebrate our miracle babies very soon. Ameen.

Welcome @Jesusbaby, please is there any challenge that your doctor has mentioned? Also start taking folic acid and eat plenty fruits.

Have been trying for four months now, but went for scan some months ago, the doctor said am ok but that i need to treat PID

Yes that i have PID

Have you successfully treated the PID now?

Have not taken any drugs expect garlic

@Jesusbaby momma you need to treat the PID first so it doesn’t spread to other reproductive organs.