Trying to get conceive


What steps can i take to get pregnant after three (3) year of marriage .


Welcome to motherhood @woods, if I may ask what tests have you done and what diagnosis has been made by your gynae? Please know it’s God that does it, we only try and share our best experiences and healthy lifestyles


Hello @woods, I know how u r feeling but I blive God will do it for us. What did ur doc say is d problem? Kindly share dear, bliv God and he will do it for us.


God and your faith in the word of God is the best and only way you can use to get pregnant. No one knows how babies are form, neither do anyone of us know how the sperm meet with the egg. But your faith, what you believe in, your relationship with God is what makes you pregnant.

It takes nine months for one to make babies, so everything has a step, time, relax, have faith, just believe, never give up. God created us for the purpose for us to multiple, he created us momies here as men with womb that is why we are called women. So if we cannot be pregnant he should have made us men instead of female. Look up to him for him only will do it.


hello dear,@woods welcome to fruitfulness,you are free to share your thoughts and ask questions,are you seeing any gynea,also have you done series of tests,believe God is working on your case dear,you shall carry your babies soon.


Two (2) years ago I did scan to check pelvis scan, Blood test to know the cause of water coming out of my breast (small quantity), and i did HSG (The result: the right Fallopian tube was free while the left was not totally free) with all this,i was base on drugs,drugs like pregnant care,Bromegon,Clomid etc to correct the water coming out of my breast and i did severe follicular tracking to know if am releasing egg each month and the result was positive .

Awaiting your prompt response


He said base me on drugs like bromegon, clomid,and pregnant care after some test like pelvin scan, blood test HSG scan.


My gynae took my blood sample, i nid HSG scan, pelvis scan and abdominal scan,and base me on drugs like bromegon,clomid and pregnant care but this is two years now no result of pregnancy.

Kindly assist.


Hi dear @woods, I understand how you are feeling and it can be very frustrating doing everything and nothing working out. Hold on tight sis.

I guess the water from the breast has stopped, Also, know that the egg is released into one of the fallopian tubes and imagine if the partially opened fallopian tube is where the egg is being released. Nevertheless, it doesn’t mean you can’t conceive with one fully opened fallopian tube. Has your gynae discussed any assisted reproductive techniques options with you and are you open to it? With God nothing is impossible , at the same time God answers in diverse ways. I don’t want you to lose hope but if after two years nothing has happened, you may want to keep your options open and Age is not smiling with us. This is just my opinion and I believe in miracles. hugs


Dear ThefruitfulWife,

I want to keep my options open and age is actually not smiling at me
Want can i do as in wat do you think is the next step to take cos have stop seeing the gynae

Advice please!


My humble opinion is to urge you to consider IVF, if you are cycling with a good hospital they will be running all the tests you probably have done all over again. Including hysteroscopy to check your uterus and other factors that may affect the implantation of the embryo after the transfer is done. I think the assessment tests and protocol of IVF to be used is usually determined by age and reports from the tests. These tests are quite expensive I must add, but it’s good you give your best shot and rule out other possible hinderances than leave your hope on the chances of an underlying factor that may hinder the ultimate goal. I hope this helps


hello dear @woods,so sorry for all you passing through right now, believe and have faith God is going to do it very soon,as for the tubes you will carry your babies,God will perform his divine operation on you to carry your babies.


Woods water coming our from your breast is as a result of high prolactin, you need to take medication that will dry it up else you will not be able to take in cos that water coming our of your breast shows that you are pregnant until that is corrected with strong antibiotics you may continue wasting your precious time while trying for a baby. Let your doctor carry out prolactin test to know if is high or low.

A friend of mine had the same issue but after treating the high prolactin she took in and had her son.