Ttc while breastfeeding

HELLO EVERYONE, I am a new member here( added today) . I have a son quite alright and he is 1 year one month now, i was on the copper IUD which i removed when he was 8 Months, from then i have been TTC but nothing, i went to see my ob gynae and she said its cause am breastfeeding as my son is an active feeder, tho he is on solids but he still breastfeeds, i track my ovulation regilously but still nothing, my gynae would have prescribed clomephine( clomid) but she did not cause it might affect the quality of the breast milk… my Son is year now and i would love to have closely spaced children… ANYONE GONE THROUGH SUCH?

Yes I did and at a point stopped breastfeeding completely. Mine was condom though and I took in 2 months later. My gynae says its a hormone thing