Weight loss & ttc


Hello Ladies,

Trust everyone is doing fine by God’s grace.

Please i am TTC and at the same time trying to loose weight. Someone introduced me to a combination of blended turmeric, boiled lemon (both the outer part and inside), and ginger drink. I also work out, but for wellbeing and quicker result. Cause Google says ginger drink is okay for pregnancy and conception.

Is it safe to take it cause my hubby is scared the drink my flush out any conception (lool).

Kindly reply.


Hey sis
No it wont affect ur conception I take it too cos am dieting! Urs is even lacking cinnamon which u shud include. I was taking this combo when I concieved my rainbow baby and I av started taking it again so I dont think u av a problem. Meanwhile as u work out and take this combo I want to believe u dieting too cos that ll help u loose weight faster… wonderful ajd baby dust to u


Okay dear, thanks alot… i will add cinnamon to mine now… yes, i also diet my meals… by God’s grace he will gift me that perfect gift before my anniversary. Amen :pray:


Hello dear, please i also did a mild exercise of skipping and i wore a waist cincher… And had an unprotected sex this morning(exercise wasnt immediately)… someone told me exercising or skipping while trying to conceive will obstruct the conception. Please is this true. Kindly help a sis


Hello sis, No it is not true but it is advisable u dont do strenous excercises after ur ovulation so u dont stress ur abdominal muscles incase conception takes place! During the week of O I just do simple aerobics and if AF shows I go back to my normal workout routine


pls how do you prepared the combination. is it that you boil the turmeric and ginger together with the lemon or you just add it to the boiled lemon. Thanks


I boiled the lemon and the bark of the lemon with ginger and turmeric. Thats all.


Okay dear