Welcome my Baby Boy


Hello my beautiful sisters, it’s been a longgggg time and I’ve been inconsistent with my posts on this forum.
Well it’s all good news.
I had a bouncing baby boy, mother and child doing great.
Two of our members here too are preggy already. I will let them announce themselves when they are ready to. I also pray for everyone of us awaiting this great news that this year shall not pass you by IJN.

Please reach out and let’s talk about it… a problem shared is half solved. Baby dust on y’all


Awww, congratulations @ThefruitfulWife, God bless the little one. I claim mine too in Jesus name. Amen


waooo. congratulation. so happy for you and other may they all carry to full term IJN.

Please u people should give us tips of what you are using so that we can tr as well

God bless u all


Congrats mama


As you desired From your mouth to God’s ears. Amen


Thank you sis, I shall rejoice with you too very soon. Amen


I was using the Maca root powder, then the ginger drink but not consistently. I also had Hysteroscopy along the line. But in all it was God and I never lost my faith. God will announce his name in your life too this year and we shall celebrate with you and other mommies. Amen


Congratulations to you sweetie, our baby boy welcome. We love you. I claim mine in Jesus name Amen


Congratulations sister, God will give us reasons to share same story. Amen welcome baby boy, we love you


Amen, thanks dear.




Wow congratulations ma




Thanks sis, yours is on the way. Amen


Thanks Ma, you are next in line for this beautiful miracle. Amen


Amen ma




Thanks sis @butchy


A very big hearty congratulations to you. I am so happy for you and this gives me hope as well.


I think I have to try this maca root. I remember you suggested it when I came on board. But pls where can I get it? Thanks and eagerly waiting your response