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Hello everyone


Hiii @MumZaram,welcome on board, you are in the right place dear, feel free to share thoughts and ask questions.we hope to hear from you


Welcome on board @MumZaram it’s really great to have you here. We hope you will be able to learn and share with us. God bless and answer you speedily IJN


I want to thank my yummy mummies for the immerse love shown towards me yesterday… I was amazed because I joined this community less than 48hours ago, yet so much love. Thanks for the warm welcome, good wishes and prayers.i appreciate each and everyone of you…may the good lord bless every mummy in this community with our various heart desires in Jesus name. Amen. I also pray for grace and strength as we wait upon him today. Amen… have a blessed day mummies :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Good morning just joined this platform, my name is Chioma and am TTC.


Welcome on board Chiomy @Harrit, we are glad to have you here, sure you know that what he has written he has written, therefore you will carry not just one but multiples to ur satisfaction. What has been your diagnoses, hope you don’t mind sharing with us. Eheen r you in Lagos? We hanging out on Sat, hope to c u


Good afternoon and Amen and Amen . Not in Abj would have really loved to participate. One problem I have is knowing my ovulation date I actually did some test and was told my ovulation is normal and I can bear children but still can’t tell what the problem might be although hubby is yet to do sperm test


Dear @Harrit welcome to this forum, we are happy and supportive sisters, we don’t allow our situation to discourage or make us sad. I hope you learn and share with us. Please be free sis


This is clem.
Am new here.


Hello everyone. Good to be here. Trying to conceive.


Hello, am Fola and new here. Been trying to conceive for almost 2yrs and I have been treating PCOS too. Got pregnant in June but lost it at 6wks because the baby stopped developing and heartbeat wasn’t detected. I traced that to the malaria I had I the process tho. Am really looki g forward to learning a lot on this forum which will help me as well as other get our heart desires.


@Folakemi, really sorry about ur loss but I know that God will turn this loss to plenty live babies for u. Don’t worry, we are all learning everyday and don’t ignore any strange symptom or observation. Welcome to motherhood, love u sis


@agno0202 u are welcome and God will grant ur heart desires very soon. Is there any challenges that is causing the delay u want to share with us? God bless u dear, love u


Welcome Clemm @Clemmbrown we are all going to conceive. That is what we believe and work toward in this community because God is working on our wombs. Pls feel free to share any concern u have that is causing the delay . Much love dear


Hello Clem @Clemmbrown welcome to our forum of fruitful mothers. Feel free to share with us as you read along. God bless and :heart:


We welcome you @agno0202 and it is our prayers that this year shall end in testimonies for everyone of us. Have you and DH run some assessments tests to know the cause of the delay?


@Folakemi Dear, u ain’t the only one in that boat and we know affliction shall not rise up the second time IJN. Was there any diagnosis for the MC by your doctor apart from the malaria you treated? We have many information you can access here and please don’t forget to share your thoughts and concerns with us and pray without ceasing :pray:t4:. We shall all testify before this year’s runs out IJN, amen


Thanks so much. There was no diagnosis to the MC, the Gynaecologist only told me that some pregnancies get aborted by themselves if the foetus isn’t forming the way it ought to form. I was the one that actually thought it could be as a result of the malaria because my morning sickness was so severe that I couldnt even keep anytyn in my stomach and wasn’t taking my folic acid. I also thought it could also be as a result of the artesunate tablet I was given for the malaria but the Gynaecologist said it wasn’t because the type of artesunate I was given is safe to use in pregnancy. I am really ready and willing to learn all that is needed so I can carry my babies by this time next year.


Thanks so much MamaTwins…
I can’t wait to carry my twins in my hands.
I really do appreciate and love u sis.