God will perfect everything, I hope u’ve started on your folic acid already?


@ThefruitfulWife. Yes, I started folic acid immediately after the MC. Thanks sis


Good, please take fruits too and alot of water. Stay aware from alcohol and sugary stuff.Our miracles are on the way


Hello I’m new here, ma name is GreatJoy. Wow I’m so greatful joining dis forum filled wit matured great women. Joined to knw more cos jux wedded last 4mnths, still expecting marital blessing.thnkx


Welcome to motherhood and the community of fruitful mothers @GreatJoy, your testimonies shall not be delayed IJN. We hope you learn and share with us as you read along, we support one another and pray together. Tomorrow is another day for us to fast and pray in unity of faith. Pls join us as we pray our way through to our miracles. We love you dear and pls feel free to comment and share your thoughts with us.


You are welcome mama @GreatJoy, this year shall be ur year of miracles of babies. Pls feel free with us and enjoy the ride, share and learn with us. God bless u and we love u


Hello dear, pls enjoy your hubby to the fullest, and hope you taking folic acid, also do more of fruits and vegetables,also have more fun with DH.


Hello dear and welcome here, so sorry for the mc,i pray God will bless you with tripple in return,please don’t relent,start trying immediately,take more fruits, folic acid and have enough rest,above all pray without ceasing.you will testify soon dear.


Hi dear @agno0202,you welcome to the fruitful mothers forum, please feel free to share your ideas and ask questions,we shall all testify ijn


Hello dear @Clemmbrown,welcome to fruitfulness,please feel free to share your thoughts and ask questions,baby dust to all


Thanks mama Twins, been trying to conceive. My marriage will be 9years next month and I believe and trust in God cos am gonna celebrate it with pregnancy. Actually on my 3IVF which I know it will be Big Fat Positive in Jesus mighty Name. Pls include me in your prayers my transfer will be done dis weekend. Thanks


Thank u


God wil perfect it for you dear, I join my faith with us and decree the embryos will implant properly and there shall be implantation. Your body shall carry your babies to term and you shall not miscarry in Jesus name. God will favour u in this month of fruitfulness and we shall hear a good news in Jesus name. Sisters please let’s pray with our sister that this IVF will yield a positive result and implantation will be successful. @Beauty @@Ifeshe @aydiva @Jay @mamapikin @MamaTwins @Becky @afolake @ThefruitfulWife @Victoria


@Ijeomachukwu @Juniel @ILovechildren @Star @Lucy @fruitfulvine @Onyii @teehigh @Rejoicefortwins please include our sister in your prayers


@ijato @Chi @Omo @Onyii @Beauty


It is done dear. The transfer will be successful and you will get a BFP at the end IJN Amen. Cant wait to hear your good news.


As in Deut 28:12, God’s blessings are yours already, because He doesn’t make promises He wn’t keep. As His child, you have full access to His blessings, you’ve already received what you asked for. For this reason, you no longer need to BEG for it, you simply REQUEST that these blessings manifests in your life. This is what will happen this weekend. He’s gonna give you a wedding anniversary package as in James 1:17…His gifts are perfect. Therefore, Trust completely in Him. I join my prayers to yours and those of other Momas in the house and declare that the Holy Ghost has healed your destiny. God has made you a winner and a candidate of uncommon testimonies this year, in name of Jesus Christ, Amen!!!


Thanks… Amen


Thanks All… I really appreciate. I will come back and testify IJN. Amen


God will make the transfer and implantation very successful, we shall rejoice with you and you shall carry your babies to term. The Lord will perfect and wipe away your tears. It is done dear, have faith. Please mamas in the house, let’s pray for her sister, her transfers are happening this weekend.