Hello dear, I strongly believe that it will come out successful,this one will bring multiple babies as to recover all you’ve lost, God will surprise you,you will come back and testify IJN Amen


Lord it’s already a bfp, trust you have perfected and moulded my sisters children already, father we need ur joy that comes in the morning, thank you for answering our prayers. @agno0202


Thanks All…


Amen :pray:t4:


Hello everyone am new here and am TTC it being almost 2years now ,It not being easy but am optimistic that God never fails.


Hello dear @Ayoola there is nothing God can’t do dear, keep trusting and have faith,eat healthy and please go tru the trends here about what to take to conceive fast. Take care dear, you free to share thoughts and ask questions.


We know dear and God is perfecting our Babies for us IJN. Don’t overthink it , remember God did not create u to be barren. What does ur gynae say is the problem, feel free to share dear. Welcome to motherhood dear


We have a God that never fails, believe it is done. God answering our prayers and he will give you double and triple as u desire. Amen, welcome @Ayoola we are all going to rejoice before this year ends in Jesus name.


Hi everyone, am new here.hope am welcome


Hello dear, @Hannahkanu welcome to motherhood,please visit the trends and share your experience or ask questions.have a nice day dear.


Yes oo @Hannahkanu u are very very welcome. Welcome to motherhood and pls be free to share and comment as you read along


Hello dear @Harrit welcome to motherhood. I’m glad u too the steps of running some tests to be sure if what is causiythe delay. Have U tried using our ovulation calculator to know when you are ovulating? U can also know by your CM (cervical mucus). Biko holla at mommas in d house if u need any assistance. Baby dust dear


U are very welcome @Hannahkanu, pls be free and read, comments and share with us. Love u


Goodmorning ma’am
Hope you all are enjoying your break ?
Please I have an issue bothering my mind, I will be rounding up treatment for urine infection today, though finish injection on friday, will finish the drugs today, hubby and I had sex on sat and am suppose to see my cycle 30th/1st but nothing yet, if its pregnancy which am actually praying for, hope the drugs won’t affect the foetus? Should I not take the last dose or still wait?


@Yeleyemi we are doing fine o tnx and urs too. I will suggest u complete ur dose, because even pregnant women treat for infection


Good day mummies ,am Richel just joined . TTC


Hello dear @Remmy,welcome to fruitfulness,please go through the trends and share your thoughts and ideas. We love to hear from you.


Hello dear @Yeleyemi,i would advise you to ask your gynea,because some antibiotics are not safe during pregnancy.


Welcome Richel @Remmy to motherhood. You will celebrate this year. Any challenge u want to share with us? Baby dust


Yes I have this challenge of irregular mensuration since day 1 of my period, I was told it will normalize but till now it hasn’t