Sorry to ask oo but have u been seeing a gynae and have u been treating for anything like PCOS and the likes?


No darling the drugs shouldn’t affect, hope you completed your dosage. Good luck on your bfp :slight_smile:


Good evening dear moms, and how was your day, this is to remind the old members and also tell the new mama’s about the fasting and prayers tomorrow,we can fast till 12pm or to any length you can, I pray God will grant us our heart desires this new month.Amen


Hi mummy @Remmy welcome to motherhood, we glad to have you in our midst. From the much I know ttc, irregular period means something isn’t right somewhere, you may have to see a gynea asap , am sure some test would be carried out like hormone profile, etc, to pinpoint and profer a solution to it.




Welcome @Remmy to motherhood, please see a gynae as soon as you can to proffer a solution. This is the first step to take, all the best and I urge you to start adopting healthy lifestyles. God will perfect all that concerns us all IJN.


Mamas oo, god has done it again in our midst. It is a BFP for our sister @Yeleyemi, lets celebrate with her :dancer::dancer::dancer::dancer::dancer::dancer::dancer:


Mamas oo, god has done it again in our midst. It is a BFP for our sister @Yeleyemi, lets celebrate with her :dancer::dancer::dancer::dancer::dancer::dancer::dancer:


Yeeepeeeeee congrats darling on ur bfp, we so happy for this testimony. Take everything easy now, and rest alot. Our prayers are with you sweet




Congrats again dearie, u will surely carry to term in Jesus name. More BFPs to come for us all here.


Congrats @Yeleyemi…May u carry ur baby to full term and u shall deliver like the Hebrew women. We shall also testify soonest IJN​:pray::pray::pray:


Ameeen oo. Last month was a September to remember, but this October shall be a month of remembrance for all of us IJN. Amen.


Feels good to be here! pls I have a question. what’s d solution to sperm leakage


We welcome u dear @aya_olatunji and I pray it shall all end in praise very soon. Here is a thread on sperm leakage. Please feel free to contribute and add your comments on this and other threads. Baby dust darling. Mamas in the house pls let’s welcome our new mama



Welcome on board Mama @aya_olatunji


Welcome mama @aya_olatunji God will bless us and put smiles on our faces this month IJN . Pls be free among us and share as u read.


Hello… Am Tracy had same pcos… Did evacuation last week Friday… I really need someone to talk too :disappointed_relieved:


Hi Tracy, si sympathise with u dear :hugs: please talk to us…we are all here for you


This is really sad dear and I can’t imagine what u are going through. Please let us help u get through this together. God will restore and multiply ur loss :cry: