Hello dear, awayu? are u based in Lagos , Owerri or Abuja? Pls join us to plan for our Xmas hangout. Pls share ur location dear.


Hello dear @agno0202 how are you doing? We didn’t get to hear anything from you after the transfer. Please how was it and we trust it was a BFP. pls share with us, really anxious to know . Baby dusts


@Nero, I feel your pains and no woman should have her beautiful hope dashed to pieces. But in all, let’s give thanks to God for life and gift to be able to create another beautiful gift of creation that will stay. Please don’t despair and never lose faith, it will happen and it shall stay and we all shall celebrate with u. Pls feel free to reach out to anyone of us, we love u dear :hugs::hugs::kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


@aya_olatunji please where do you live sis? Kindly plan to join our Xmas hangout, it’s going to be fun. Let us let go of the ttc trauma and worries


Hello Tracy, I can understand wat you are going through because I also went through same few months back. I have PCOS as well and luckily got pregnant and while stil celebrating the pregnancy,I lost it. I have not gotten over it especially seeing colleagues we got pregnant at the same time going about wit their heavy stomach. It hurts but I trust God that He wil give us double for our loss very soon. Feel free to talk to me dear


Thanks for sharing dear @Folakemi


Thanks alot…


Hmmmm@folakemi… Am so sorry scared… My heart beats anytime I ND my hubby go thru a friends page on facebook who just had a baby… Pls is there something to drive my pains away? :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:




Please try to do things that will take your mind off it. The hangout is an opportunity to meet other sisters in your shoes. Please feel free to join the whatsapp group for the Xmas hangout.



@Nero and @Folakemi, #hugs darling # I share in your pains, have had to be in same shoes thrice, but you know God sure gives the best and our prayers are with you. Some of the ways I had to deal with mine were, I stopped crying over it (though not easy, I sometimes do) and just smile and be happy for others who are pregnant, cos I know mine will definitely come, I joined a gym, (this makes me happy) you can get a friend of like mind who have either gone thru this journey or who understands ur plight share ur thoughts and pray with, handout alot and be happy my love, do things that makes u happy, I tell u cos no amount of worry/tears brings these gift, if you can, buy stuffs for Sunday school kids, or motherless babies and share. Get your body and mind prepared to carry to term this time, pray, pray, pray and watch God surprise you. Much love hun. PS hope your Doc is giving you some med for the PCOS. It’s well dear


I understand u dear @Nero, it’s not easy. I allowed myself cry it all out, then i laughed at the devil because I knw he has failed, then I switched to praises thanking God because I knw He has a better plan for me. I thought about a colleague’s wife that carried her pregnancy to full term but gave birth to a dead child and anoda colleague dat lost her son after a year, I praised him and danced away all my sorrows thanking Him that the miscarriage didn’t get beyond me and I put the devil to shame.


I love you outlook to everything that happened. The best is coming ur way soon IJN.


My name is Anni, newly married, trying to conceive. Am inexperienced and am hoping to learn about motherhood.



@Anni You re welcome…


@Anni welcome dear to motherhood, we have lots of topics you can read through here. Please also ask and share your concerns with us. Feel free to contribute and create your own topic as you go along with us. Please where is your location? Baby dust sis :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:


Hello everyone


Hello @Mrs welcome to motherhood


Hi everyone. I just joined. My name is Fk


Welcome FK, God will manifest in your case. Amen