Hello everyone
Is any one using free flow? Pls does it work?
Thanks alot


Hello everyone…My name is Jennifer but my username is Mama_Ejima because I am believing God for twins


@Mama_Ejima welcome on board sis


Thanks alot Ma


Welcome to motherhood dear, feel free to share your thoughts and concerns with us. We glad to have you around.


Hi mum, very much welcome to the family, we glad to have you around. We love you


Hi Anni, welcome to motherhood, we glad to have you around.


Pls Ouse can person dat have infection b4 and it treated confirmed…after d treatment it confirmed dat no more infection in d body…the person as bin ttc for 1year…and doctor advice her to go for Fallopian tube X-ray…so is it possible for her to have Fallopian tube blockage after d infection as bin rule out…ttc dust…looking forward for answers


Hello dear @Adenike_Ayomide_Ades it is possible dear.
Infection if not detected early or otherwise can cause adhesions on the fallopian tube(s) or some part of the reproductive system. It’s best you confirm with the Xray (HSG). I hope this helps.


Tank u so much…have an appointment with doctor 2moro for d HSG…pls pray for me dat my tube is not blocked oooo…am very scary since d day I knw d meaning of HSG


Pls what is d causes of me seeing pregnant symptoms and am not pregnant…all symptoms of pregnant pls ouse


God is in charge dear. No situation is too big for him and please don’t be scared, people get pregnant with one tube for worst case scenarios. But my prayers are with u :hugs:


Hormonal imbalance and when your mind is just too fixed on pregnancy. Oya mamas in the house, say something.


It might be an increased in hormones and your anxiousness. Please take ur mind off taking in and let it happen.


Gud evening Ouse…done d HSG x-ray 2day…but I don’t really feel pains after I did it finished…all d way frm ikorodu to ikeja am fine but on getting Ouse I started feeling some crump in my abdomen…till nw…ttc to u mamas in d Ouse…and hope all is well with me


Aww, it is well dear. The cramp will soon stop and spotting too if you are. I hope they gave you some med for the pain and antibiotics too.


Tank u @mamaTwins d pain has stop :stop_sign: b4 day break…


Thanks to God :hugs: