I am happy to hear that :grin:


Pls Ouse I need a competent doctor or nurse dat can interprete my result for me…just to confirm something…if any the person can add me on Whatsapp 08074809122…pls WhatsApp only​:pray::pray::pray:


What is d best drugs to use to balance hormones…for a lady trying to conceive


I think it depends on the hormone that needs to be balanced.,


My prolactin one is high


My doctor prescribed Parlodel for me when I had high prolactin. You need to see your gynae to advise on the prescription and dosage.


Aiit…tank u ma


Hello m Edith from Delta State new here m so much prostive joining dis forum


Welcome @Edith_Otome_Ugbofor, all our efforts shall not be in vain, this year will favor us IJN, amen


Welcome to motherhood Edith, I hope u share ur challenges with us as you read along.
Pls don’t forget the “Ask the Gynaecologist” session tomorrow at 6pm. Come with ur questions and let’s be enlightened


Good morning to all the fruitful mothers in the house , please a quick reminder about the chat with the Gynecologist happening at 6 pm today.

Don’t be left out. Have your questions ready mommas!!!




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