What are the first steps of infertility tests to do


Good morning dear mums,have have been married for over 1 year now and i don’t know what tests to start with,am so confused on what to do as my families and inlaws are already asking why i have not been pregnant,am so confused.please i want mamas here to help me know the necessary ones to start with,baby dust to us all


Aww dear @anonymous16 It is well with you dear. These are some of the very first preliminary tests I did:

Hormonal profile : FSH, LH, Progesterone, Estrogen, prolactin

Pelvic scan ; To check for ur pelvic and shape of uterus and for fibroid or cysts

You can start with this , then ur gynae will know what next to do from the results. Baby dusts darl


Hello dear @anonymous16,welcome here, please go for the basic test as @MamaTwins has said, at least it will help you know what is exactly happening,also please consult a good gynaecologist and a standard place to conduct those tests. You shall carry your twins soon dear.


Hi dear @anonymous16 I know it’s not easy, quite understand how you feel with them unsuppotive in-laws, hope hubby is giving you a shoulder. I would suggest you see a gynea first to speak with and report your medical history, that will aid him or her on what test to do, but like @MamaTwins had suggested, those are the first test to consider when all points towards infertility . Good luck sis


Dear @anonymous16, I can’t imagine what u ate going through with the inlaw’s but God will vindicate u and bless ur womb with babies. The other mommas have said it all. Seeing a gynae should be your first priority love. :kissing_heart:


Am in the same situation with you dear…am doing these series of test next week…but i think our husbands should do a sperm count test or other male reproductive test too.who knows?
We will testify soon in jesus name.