What Do I do to conceive


Good day, am newly married and I need tips on what I can do to conceive easily I’m terms of food and lifestyle


Welcome to motherhood @ebie and we pray you conceive very very soon. These are my suggestions, take plenty of fruits and vegetables, reduce your sugar intake, use ginger and garlic in your meals, have plenty sex with DH :grin: and enjoy the moments, if you can afford it get Maca root powder or tablet. You can add the powder in your smoothies, juices, cereals and oats. Also don’t forget to take your folic acid and know your fertile window. Then have a balanced health, shed some weight if you are on the high side. Do regular less stressful exercise and be happy! Remember God does it all. Please be free to share and comment as you read along.


dear @ebie,welcome to fruitfulness @ThefruitfulWife has said it all,you can also visit the trends here and ask any questions that’s bothering you.we love to hear from you dearie.


Thanks a lot. I will do as you have advised. Am already enjoying this platform.


I’m glad to read this. :kissing_heart:


Tanks alot.


You welcome ma’am :hugs:


Hello lovely people,
Is it possible to be pregnant and still see your monthly menstrual period?


yes dear @ebie, it is very possible,it happened to me but the flow might not be as much as your monthly flow.


Good Evening All. I am new in this platform. I am married for a year and two months yesterday, but yet to take in.
Please my people, what could be the cause?.


Dear @Ogu have you done any tests?


Good morning Team.

I have not done any test.
Please what kind of test am I suppose to do?, kindly advice me.

Thank you


@Ogu I’m sorry for the delay in my response.
I will suggest you do a hormonal profile and pelvic scan. These two are the basic diagnostic tests your gynae will first suggest.


Good evening TTC,
I have carried out culture, blood and SHG text. The gyna said that my prolactin is high and that I have a blocked fallopian tube. He prescribe I go for hydrotubation.
That’s how far I have gone in the process.
Thank you


Welcome @Ogu, Thanks for sharing, High prolactin can be treated with medications. Had same and all regulated. Did hydrotubuation and no effect for me. I don’t know for others


Good evening mummy in the house, please I am new in this forum. I have ovarian mass and it has been disturbing me, it looks like I can’t conceive pls help me to safe my marriage


Hello Ogu, please did the hydrotubation work for you… cause i also did hydrotubation last month… still hopeful, though i got all the positive effects my doctor said i will experience to know if the the tubes are open and fine but didnt redo any HSG… kindly reply


Hello Dear.
I have not gone for it yet. Congratulations dear, God will do it soon.
How was the procedure, was it painful?


Pls don’t use that word again ’ it looks like I can’t conceive’ God has already pronounced us fruitful and he also said non shall be barren in the land. Hold him on his word. I will soon attend ur children dedication. Trust God.


Yes, it was painful… the first, second and third… like when they trying to open your cervix to insert those stuff… then injecting the stuff into you then cramping on your tubes… but its like some munutes pain you experience after which cramping for that day or 2… but its all good. I did it September no bfp this october… but still hopeful… cause i am a fruitful vine and this year i will/we will conceive in Jesus name Amen :pray: