What Do I do to conceive

Hi everyone,
What can one do in the case of having “small egg”

@Tko we welcome you momma, it depends on the woman’s circumstances and age, the gynae may choose treatment for ovulation, Estrogen therapy , vitamins supplements, or other alternatives. It is specific to each woman, have you had time to discuss this your gynae regarding options available for you? Baby dust momma and please never lose hope.

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Please dear what are the you experiences you got?

Please i do I post to the group, am new

Good day ma, i am new here and I was pregnant i april and the scan i did, the heart beat couldnt be found at 8wks and i was asked to evacuate what was in my womb and i didnt get my period till june 26 and since then i havent conceived again and its been an issue pls

@tayuta, It’s really sad what you had to go through, but know you will rejoice soon again. Don’t fret, another one will come and please don’t stress yourself worrying about this as stress does more harm than good and may interfere with your hormones. Stay healthy, follow your ovulation and meet at the right time, take your folic acid daily and rest well. You can also read up on other natural ways to increase antioxidants and prepare your body for implantation (Ginger used to treat ovarian cysts and clear the fallopian tubes?, Ginger used to treat ovarian cysts and clear the fallopian tubes?). I hope this helps momma.

Goodpm, am new here. I had a pregnancy and loss the baby close to delivery. It’s five month now, am planning for another one, what do I do.

I was told I HV pcos n was given glucophage I pray it works

@Bejaysoderu I’m so sorry for your loss sis, I pray God to bless you speedily with your rainbow baby. I trust your period is back and regular? Also, was there any underlying factor linked to the loss?

Thanks so much ma, i am believing God for a miracle

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Pls how can ginger be use to clear fallopian tubes

I am new here. I have been married for a year now… We are finding it difficult to conceive what can I do. I did the hsg this month

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Good evening, am new here. Hope I am welcomed

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Yes ooo, you are highly welcome @Preciousnikky to our community, be free to read, add, ask and reply on any topic.

Thank you. I had a child 3years ago and i have being trying to conceive again for some months now although my menstruation has not be regular for a while now. At times, it flow for 4days or 5 n even two days. Tracking my ovulation period has been so difficult. Depression has taken ova my mind that I had to loose lots of weight thinking. Pls house I need your advice on wat to do. I will love to be a mother again

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You are a mother and will always be a mother. Don’t let depression take over sis, it does nothin good to the body. Start by having the mindset that you will conceive again and carry your babies to term. It will be good to see a gynae as well just to run some diagnostics tests since you think ovulation might be a challenge. It may just be a simple drug administration to regulate your hormones or boost ovulation.

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Its back but not regular, sometimes 2days ,4 or 5days. No factor as we could not understand it.
Please, I need help as I observed I get angry easily with little things and get irritated, angry at my spouse for irrelevant issues. Pls I need help.

Please don’t take it out on your husband, I’m sure he’s as confused and disappointed as you as to the cause of your loss. I will suggest a second opinion to confirm what might have caused it and prevent future occurrences.
In the meantime, find comfort in what makes you happy and share more affection and time with your hubby. Another baby won’t happen without his input and also let out the stress and disappointment of the previous pregnancy. By the grace of God when you conceive again very soon, ask the doctor to check for cervical incompetence. Please read Psalm 91, it calms my spirit when I’m worried and heavy laden.
If you also need someone to talk to who has gone through same, I will be happy to link you up. That might also help. :hugs::hugs::hugs::hugs: