What does a positive pregnancy test really look like

Pregnancy tests can be very hard to interpret – pregnant, not pregnant? Some see a second faint line while others are clearly visible 2 red lines
Help others figure out what their test says:
How did you know yours truly was positive?
What brand did you use?
How long it took to show the second line?
How many strips did you use?
What day of your cycle did you test?
When is the best date to confirm?
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The best date to test is 1 week past ur missed period,

Is ok, hoping that someday I will send in my test result to mommies in the house.


Good evening house. Compliments of the season to us all. May this season shower us with all the blessings that comes with it. Was meant to see Af yesterday but yet to show up as I am typing this. Took a HPT this afternoon and it came out negative. Although I don’t know how sensitive the strip is. I used the pregnancy test strip. Just want to ask if this has happened to anyone before and how many days am I meant to wait before testing again if Af still doesnt show up. Thanks…baby dust to us all.

Dearie, hopefully it’s a BFP and I will suggest you check when it’s 1 week after AF. I’ve been disappointed with a -ve after 3 days delay only for AF to show up.
I pray and hope it’s positive for you dear. Baby dust!

Thanks ma’am. I hope everything is alright. Cant remember Af being delayed for this long. Experienced a couple of a day or two earlier before but at most is a one day delay and will come early during the day. Will wait for some more days and if still doesn’t show, I think I will go for a blood test then.

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Yes, that will be the next thing and hopefully a BFP :grin: