What does dark brownish period indicates


hello mums,am so happy to have found this community of fruitful women,i got married 2 years ago and have been trying to conceive,few months ago i noticed my period turns dark brown,towards the end of my period,i want to ask if its normal or an infection, as i got my veejay very itching too,baby dust to us all.


Hello dear @anonymous21,i hope this helps;

Dark vaginal discharge occurs when a little bit of old blood mixes in with your normal discharge. The reason why the blood is brown is because of its age. As blood moves through the body, it ages and begins to dry. Old blood is brown, whereas red or pink blood is fresh.
causes of brown spotting maybe;

  1. Ovulation: Sometimes, when an egg is released during ovulation, a little bleeding occurs. This blood mixes in with your normal vaginal mucus, so your discharge might be a little or even a dark brown.
  2. Endometrial tissue: In some cases, this discharge is just old tissue that did not pass during your last period. This tissue may remain in the uterus for quite a while before it passes, which is why the discharge is brown in color.
  3. Perimenopause: Just before menopause, your body’s hormone levels are rapidly changing. It’s not uncommon for women to see brown, pink or even yellow discharge during this time.
  4. Birth control: Birth control can cause irregular periods and spotting or brown discharge.
  5. Pregnancy: Implantation can cause your discharge to look brown. It may also signal a problem with the placenta.
  6. Miscarriage: Some women will see dark brown blood or discharge during the early stages of a miscarriage.
  7. Disease: Certain diseases can cause your discharge to turn brown, such as bacterial vaginosis, PID (pelvic inflammatory disease), cervical cancer and certain sexually transmitted diseases.
    If the discharge carries a foul-smelling odor, there is cause for concern and you should see your doctor right away.
    Source: https://www.littlethings.com


hello dear @anonymous21, good to have you here,please share with us your experience and feel free to ask questions,have you done any tests to rule out the infertility issue,so sorry for asking nd as for the itching,it might be an infection,please see a doctor for a test,its better to treat an infection fast to avoid complications.


Start treating the infection fast, this thing call infection is dangerous than hiv aids.


Welcome dear @anonymous21, please inform your gynae asap to advice way forward