What I did differently


This is from my BFF, I decided to share it here with her permission but leaving her real name out.

MAY has been married for almost 3 years in her mid 30s, after 8 months of ttc she as be hubby decided to seek a professional help concerning conception. After series of tests including hormonal profile, HSG, and pelvic scan to detect what the issue is. results indicated that she has high prolactin as well as a partially blocked tube, while the second is open.

Fast fforward to the next 3 months after 3 cycles of comic and parlours, still no result. Her doctor recommended flushing (Hydrotubulation) which she did and still no result. Afterwards she decided she was done with do all the drugs and tests. So she decided to take things her way with no mind of when her period was meant to come. She began with a fruit detox, working out and eating healthy. Praying too that God will answer her speedily.

Unknown to her, 2 months after the flushing, her period came late by 3 days and she ignored thinking it was late as usual,but the 5th day dawned on her she was finally pregnant. She mentioned worrying must have contributed to her stress delaying her conception. Also the fruit detox and vitamin E must have played a big role in facilitating it.

I will only suggest u try something different, sexy styles, eating more healthy, keeping fit and worry less can give you that long awaited joy.

Pls share with us what you did differently that resulted in a +ve pregnancy test.


A friend of mine shared with me about an issue of sperm leakage,she has been ttc for 3years,she did several tests but nothing was diagnosed she went to the doctor but the doctor said it was normal of which deep inside her it was not normal because she has been having sex without the issue(immediately her husband releases sperm it will start spilling out)she said yorubas call it eda that it’s not something good, so she tried lifting up her legs with a pillow under her butt for like 30minutes after sex in order to allow the sperm swim inside,and also with series of intense prayers,few months later she took in and she delivered last year,