When is the best time to start antenatal?


Mamas please tell us when is the best time to start antenatal? @jay @Serem @Jay @Yeleyemi @Dyolahh @Abby @Chi @pearl @aydiva @pearl @Becky @RedWine @Alexkachi @Beauty and others please we need your input.


The best time to start antenatal is between 8 to 12 weeks,as soon as the baby’s heart beat is detected,or early second trimester if there are no complications.but as a first time mum its better to start first trimester.


Hello sisters. I haven’t started but was advised to start at 12 weeks.


Same thing I read about but I hope you’ve been taking your required vitamins? Pregnacare, Folic acid etc.


Hello mamas, been a while. I started at 8 weeks just to be sure all is good with baby and I and bcos I’m Rhesus negative.


Good day mamas,I wouldn’t want to give a direct answer to this. But will have just two experiences that are very common, with it,you will be able to know when to start antenatal. It will be a long post,so I will be back later for details please mas…
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I will be starting mine @ 4 months that is December. That is wat my gynaecologist wrote on my file


Amen,God bless you sweetie.


Amen, love you dearie


To our question on when to start antenatal. Please my candid advice,as early as you confirm your pregnancy, register for your antenatal. People say,it’s too early,but mind you,at that early stage,your appointment is usually once a month or two, depending on the facility where you registered. I have always preached this but became a victim of circumstance February this year when I lost my pregg.to what could have been detected early enough. Not my story now anyway.
My neighbor took in last year November, that’s her fourth child. Work and old hand’s mentality did not allow her to register. Till after my own experience, I had to force her to just go and register. She came back with tears,that her feotal development stopped since after the pregg.was 6 wks old. Hmmmm. She has been on signs and routine drugs all this while,with growing tummy. Hmmm. There’s nothing they did try,went to places, no way. Any way,she has entered theatre 2x now bc since after the evacuation, her flow has not come .
Secondly, a pastor’s wife that I asked to register by then she was 6 wks on. On getting there,she became an emergency, that her pregg.will abort if God fails to intervene. The amniotic fluid is too small to sustain her pregnancy. I saw the result myself. They were able to save the pregg.bc she came almost at the 11th hr. A woman that have waited for 3 yes,thank God her Joshua has come last 3 months.
Another is my patient that had an undiagnosed onset of diabetes, and took in with it. Early trimester craving for funny things took her to sugar and its derivatives. It worsened her diabetic threat,which could had been picked from urine check during antenatal. Not until she was cooking and cut a finger with knife, normal na,applied first aid at home,the cut worsened till it was infected. When she came ,was diagnosed with high sugar level that was a bit difficult to regulate,of course the wound can’t heal with it. The finger and the neighboring fingers were amputed and she was placed on a high dose of antibiotics. The interest now is to avoid further sepsis(to keep her alive),not her baby. Thank God the pregg.flushed on it’s own BC we were already in doubt about the perfectness of the foetus.
More and more examples on my head,but…
My dear,register, once in a month or as appointment demands go for your antenatal. It’s a nine months journey, do your part to make a safe and risk free journey. OK.
Lot’s of love,smoothly it goes for you.


OMG!!! this is a giant eye opener. Mamas please oo, may our joy never be aborted. PLEASE go register like right now sef if you have not. A stitch in time saves nine, I’ve heard of some stories too that early ante natal could have saved mum and baby’s lives. We’ve waited for this, please don’t let us be negligent about ante natal registration. God will grant us wisdom in all that we do. Amen.

@Abby @Serem @Yeleyemi @Chi @Dyolahh please take note mamas and the other silent preggos among us. God bless us all


Thanks mama for sharing, very insightful. I guess you are a medical personnel, biko any information you think may benefit us please share and educate us on them. We appreciate you darling :kissing_heart::kissing_heart: God will restore to us all everything we have lost in multiple folds, Amen.


Thanks for sharing dear @pearl. I also learned from this.may all the pregnant sisters deliver safely with no complications.


Wooow thanks so much @pearl, so insightful really, well am a witness, am not gonna wait till am to’d to go register, the waiting before the babies came is enough. I lost my elder sister to pre eclamsia in Oct 30th 2015, something that would have been averted, but ignorance creept in. She took in after having twins as her first issue, and she didn’t go for ante natal until about 6months, by 9months she started having all sorts of complains, from severe migraine to swollen stomach, a brain surgery was also done on her but eventually she died, pls pls pls and pls register ante natal as soon as u can. By his grace We will not loose our young. Amen.


Ameeeen, infact abi make I go start already sef in preparation by faith :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Thanks sweetie, I will dear. Amen.


Welcome dearie, amen.


Welcome sweetie, chai! It’s a pity for your sister’s demise. It’s well dearie. God will help us all.