Who do you tell first when you get pregnant


Hello mamas, I hope we are all doing great.

I want the mamas opinion on this but first let me start with this story:

Angela has been in the waiting room for 7 years, she and her husband love each other so much but the husband tells his mum everything they do as per their efforts ttc. Of course, she never likes this and it’s always a big fight between she and her husband.

Several times her MIL (mother-inlaw) will offer to take her places referencing her medical condition that it will be solved bla bla bla, but she has bluntly refused. Eventually, she took in and b4 you will say Jack Robinson, the whole inlaw and clans already knows. This was just 6 weeks into her pregnancy.

Her own mother came to visit after she told her she’s not been feeling well. The next day Angela’s sister inlaw arrived and said “abeg our baby must not be starved oo” Her mother was confused and surprised and just looked at her with that look of '‘Is it true?’'
Her mother felt bad that she’s spent a night already and her daughter didn’t mention this to her. She’s been begging her mum and mum can’t seem to know why she doesn’t deserve to know as her inlaws. Although, it was her husband that informed his family. Her mother still feels she should be among the first people to know after her husband.

So i ask the question, when exactly do you get to inform your close family and friends about your pregnancy? Does anyone take priority in knowing first before others.
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my husband buh wit federal warning nt to tell anyone untill after the first tremester.


I quite agree with you. Na so o, the owner first, then after d 1st trimester as you said, then bump will announce itself :grin:


Hehehehe…I can’t remember anyone telling me specially that they are preggy. So I agree, apart from DH (the owner) the bump will announce itself. I may whisper it to my Mom because she’s my prayer warrior. Gudevening fruitful Mommas.


She should have told her mom after all her husband had informed his people. But seriously, in my opinion, it is not right to tell anybody that you’re pregnant. The pregnancy will announce itself.


my DH is the only person I need to tell once I get that positive result, others will keep guessing and see with their eyes. I don’t owe anyone any explanation Biko.


Of course my husband first, and later my mum, other people will see it themselves, and if they don’t see me I will call them I have given birth.


My darling husband first,my mum others will see the bump, I won’t announce my pregnancy,it will announce itself, will announce if I put to bed’,I won’t even tell some people when I put to bed. Who dem elp.


My husband first,my mum, other people will know if they see me and call when I put to bed.


My husband, my mum and a few friends I have been praying with…lol


@Sugargal [quote=“fruithfulnathia, post:2, topic:427”]
wit federal warning nt to tell anyone
Yes oo, number 1 person to know. Others will be seeing it when it starts manifesting. One of my friends at work, even the security and cleaner knows she’s pregnant from day one.


Abi o :roll_eyes:


Some people don’t mind oo, they want everyone to know they are pregnant. It’s their choice :woman_shrugging:


Hubby and no one, I can whisper to mum but excitement will be to much for her to keep it to herself, so I will try not to let her know until about 12weeks.lol that’s if I can hold to


A friend we were ttcing together going to the same gynae told me hers but changed after then, can’t be bothered :smirk:. My hubby will definitely be the first, sisters here next then others will see it as it manifests. I don’t owe anyone any explanation.


My hubby will be the first to hear ooooo,then when it’s 6wks gone my prayer warrior team (MIL) and mum. Every other person will see when the glory of God start manifestation :laughing::laughing:


What I would do if I am in her shoes. My DH first bcos his the owner than make him see reasons not to tell any1 from his family yet. Than secretly I will tell my mum and elder sister…with reason (They have been praying and fasting for me to get pregnant so when there prayers has been answered I need to tell them…also they have had pregy experience so I need to learn from them).


I think I will only tell my mum and allow the pregnancy annonounce itself.reason been dat mysef and my mummy her like 5 and 6 and dere is hardly anythg she doesn’t no about me.i think I would advise dat Angela should always carry are family (esply her mum)along on whatever is going on since her husband won’t keep dere secret secret, it shoukd be a fair game (I suppose).


Hmmmm it’s very easy my husband first bfr ma mum all will guess and see wit their eyes not me telling dem